How To Choose The Best CBD Wax

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CBD wax is a type of hemp concentrate that is known for its high potency levels. Dabbing is the intake method associated with CBD wax and because the product is highly concentrated, a small amount of wax would be enough to offer the desired effects to the user.

In this article, we give you some tips to choose the best CBD wax.

Analyze The Extraction Method Used

CBD concentrates can be obtained using different methods each having varying purity levels and efficiency values. Reputed CBD manufacturers often rely on CO2 extraction method that guarantees high purity levels. As the solvent used, CO2 is not toxic, there isn’t much to worry about even if traces of it remain in the final product.

However, some extraction methods may involve toxic solvents. For example, butane extraction uses butane, which is toxic. The traces of butane remaining in the final CBD extract could make it toxic.

Study the product label of the CBD wax to ensure that it was manufactured using quality extraction methods.

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Find Out The Hemp Source

The hemp source that was used for obtaining the CBD extract plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality of the CBD wax. The quality of the soils on which hemp is grown decides the overall quality of the hemp crop.

Being a hyperaccumulator, hemp crops accumulate harmful chemicals and toxins if present in the soil. Organically grown hemp crops are of better quality and the extracts obtained from them will be free of toxic chemicals and metals.

Study The Third-Party Lab Reports Of The CBD Wax

Third-party labs assess various factors of a CBD product and document them in their reports. Cannabinoid percentage, percentage of metal toxins, chemicals, and microbes are all mentioned in third party lab reports.

Before you choose a brand of CBD wax, study its third-party lab report to assess the overall quality of the CBD wax. The reports will be available on the official website of CBD brands. If you cannot find one, do not buy the product, because the lack of transparency of the brand is to be seen as a red flag.

Compare The PPMG Of Various CBD Wax Brands

PPMG stands for Price per milligram. CBD wax brands offer different prices for their products and assessing the PPMG is one way you can decide if the price you pay for the CBD wax is worth it. Making quality CBD wax requires quality extraction methods and hemp source which means you have to pay a slightly higher price for quality CBD wax. How good you feel after dabbing CBD wax depends on the overall quality of CBD wax.

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