Athletes are Turning to CBD for Sports Performance & Recovery

The CBD market is growing. Athletes are the most significant addition to the list of people using hemp products daily for their wellness needs. The popular plant extract is seeing more traction with fitness enthusiasts and competitive sports players over the past year. CBD’s latest consumers use the naturally occurring compounds for everything from maintaining focus to enhancing their workout recovery. Since the 2018 legalization of hemp extracts, regulatory agencies and professional sporting organizations have been lifting restrictions on the non-intoxicating extract.

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CBD for Healthy Cortisol Balance

Cortisol is the main stress hormone in the body. It plays a huge role in several functions, including mood, energy, sleep/wake cycle, blood pressure, inflammation, and blood sugar levels.

Too little or too much cortisol can cause many symptoms. The key to a healthy cortisol level is balance. For athletes, this is crucial. Low cortisol levels can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, and cause unintentional weight loss.

Reports show CBD may help maintain the balance necessary for optimal performance and overall wellness.

Workout Recovery for Athletes

Sore muscles are common after an intense workout.

Whether you’re training for a triathlon or completing your regular fitness routine, sore muscles and joints are common. A top reason many consumers use the hemp extract is to relieve soreness and speed up post-workout recovery.

CBD Topicals
Topical CBD is a popular workout recovery product for athletes.

Athletes and consumers with a strict exercise routine use a few CBD delivery methods to target soreness and speed up their workout recovery. The most common are CBD topicals that get directly to the spot, with a 20 to 30 minute onset time. Additionally, these products can be used multiple times throughout the day, and are safe to use with other CBD items, such as tinctures, gummies, and capsules.

A healthy glucose level is essential for your health and critical during workouts, training, and competition. Blood sugar provides the extra energy your body needs to be effective and keep your stamina from the beginning to the end of your session.

Research shows the hemp compound’s anti-inflammatory properties may promote healthy blood sugar levels. This characteristic may also help improve muscle growth.

Athletes Use CBD to Keep Their Head in the Game

A huge part of sports competition is mental. Players facing distractions, including anxiety and stress, don’t have the focus necessary to keep their head in the game. Situations like this can prevent wins, reduce progress, and increase the chances of injuries. Studies show CBD may reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, and improve concentration.

Athletes looking to improve focus naturally can choose hemp extract tinctures. This involves a few drops of the popular oil under the tongue. The liquid absorbs through the membranes and directly into the bloodstream for fast results. Tinctures work in about 10 to 20 minutes and last four to six hours.

American Hemp CBD products up the wellness power with all-natural MCT oil. Medium-chain triglyceride oil is excellent for infusing hemp compounds for delivery and carries a complementary set of benefits. The easy-to-digest oil has the potential to boost energy and improve focus naturally.

Another option is the CBD edible. These take longer to work, but cannabinoid gummies are a yummy and fun way to use plant-based wellness products. Edibles take between 60 to 90 minutes to kick in and last about four to six hours.

You can also try capsules. These are infused with a premium hemp extract and work the same way as gummies. Always take capsules with a full glass of water.

Improve Sleep Quality to Boost Workout Recovery

Whole-body workout recovery requires more than supplements and nutrients. Your body needs quality sleep. Don’t wait until you have a rigorous lifting session or long run to get a full night’s rest.

Athletes and anyone with a regular fitness routine need to follow a strict sleep schedule. Going to bed and getting up at the same time is essential for your sleep/wake cycle. When it’s functioning properly, you can get the right amount of sleep every night.

CBD has the potential to help consumers with their sleep cycle. Scientists aren’t 100% sure how it works. But they know the endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate sleep and the hemp compound interacts with the ECS.

The internal system that maintains balance in the body also works with mood regulation, which means it has the potential to reduce anxious thoughts. As mentioned, the compound also plays a role in relieving sore muscles. With less pain and fewer racing thoughts when you hit the pillow, you’ll fall asleep faster, and sleep longer.

By improving sleep quality, you boost muscle recovery and overall wellness. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep nightly.

CBD is OK for Olympic-Bound Athletes

WADA removed CBD from the banned substance list.

The change didn’t happen overnight for CBD and competitive sports. It took research and reviews by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Following the studies and information from experts, WADA removed CBD from the list of banned substances in 2018.

The agency stresses the use of broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products from trusted retailers. THC is still illegal in competition. Even a trace amount can disqualify an athlete from a competition they’ve been training their entire life to compete in.

Following the changes by WADA, other agencies and sports organizations have followed through with removing CBD from the banned list.

The following organizations have approved CBD for current players:

  • WNBA
  • MLB
  • MLS
  • NWSL
  • PGA

Most pro sports leagues still ban cannabis products, which means any amount of THC can lead to consequences for players.

The one category that’s missing is college sports. Because these organizations rely on federal funding and strictly follow federal regulations, they will be unlikely to allow CBD until cannabis is de-regulated. There still may be some issues here related to fair play and scholarship eligibility.

Athletes are using CBD and hemp compounds for a natural wellness product. You don’t have to be a professional sports player or the person who hits the gym daily. The organic plant oils, edibles, capsules, and creams are excellent to add to any wellness routine.

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