Who Was Your First Person That You Introduced To Marijuana? And Why Did You Think They Needed it Or Wanted it?

So, here’s my story. I was first introduced to weed when I was 1 and had was just a year or so away from graduating high school. I hung out with a friend that I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I actually had a bit of a curiosity to it as I already knew that it was not like any other substance that was at the time classified as an illegal drug. So I figured I’d give it a try since I never heard of any serious physical health problems related to it, and there were already rumors about possible medical legalization. So anyway, we hung out and he got pretty blitzed. I, on the other hand got the stereotypical no-high first time experience. I didn’t know it was a typical for that to happen, so I decided at the time I didn’t like it.

Then, about 3 later or so I was reintroduced to it by another good friend that smokes, and that time I got so blitzed that I was super paranoid even though I kinda liked the experience in some ways. Afterward I was fascinated by the experience. And that was how I came to like it.

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