Meet Matteo Flora, the Italian Reputation Hacker behind most successful European VIPs and CEOs

Matteo Flora, leading Italian “Reputation Hacker” explain how the Propaganda Machine I used by many European Leaders and VIPs…

ITALY, November 29, 2020 / — If you call him “Reputation Hacker” he will shrug it off “I’m just a Corporate Reputation Expert”. But Matteo’s abilities – and those of The Fool, the company he created 10+ years ago – are well known for the analytical approach and deep Cybersecurity expertise, which gained him the U.S. Congress IVLP in “Combating Cybersecurity” in 2012 under the Obama administration.

Operating in the niche at the cornerstone between Data analysis, Customer Insights, Corporate Reputation, and Storytelling, the name Matteo Flora is a well-kept secret among the elite professionals in Business and Politics across Europe, with customers flocking to Milan’s headquarters from all across Europe: from bankers with a tarnished reputation to old noble families searching for new resonance, from influencers to Corporations seeking to create a new brand, from VIPs to politicians with the interest of “buying Reputation”.

But is Reputation for sale? “No – says Flora – but Reputation is a currency you can create and expand, based on the attention you grab from the significant target. And we managed to understand the Propaganda algorithms that help you to reach your…

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