Three-Quarters Of Americans Are Impatiently Counting The Days Until The Year Is Over

The majority of Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired, according to new research.

The study asked 2,000 nationally represented Americans how 2020 has treated them and found that 65% are just exhausted by feeling overwhelmed by the tumultuous year and three-quarters are counting down the days left.

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And for those living with someone (approximately 1,700 respondents) – 46% are on the brink of going crazy due to the lack of privacy during quarantine.

The average respondent shared they only get nine hours of true alone time a week, but 8% even said they get no alone time at all.

In a survey commissioned by R+R Medicinals CBD and conducted by OnePoll, the results found that over half (55%) of respondents often struggle to find time for self-care routines.

Forty-three percent of those polled said they’re beyond the point of return, sharing they’re just too tired to even focus on self-care for the remainder of 2020.

In fact, the average respondent only takes part in four self-care routines in a typical week, and 44% want to improve this, but they don’t know where to start.

Two in five respondents, however, may have found an effective self-care routine in CBD – with 11% using CBD daily and 28% opting to use it occasionally.

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The top two reasons these respondents are grabbing CBD products are stress and anxiety management, at 24% and 22% respectively.

Perhaps more surprising is that 44% of respondents have never tried a CBD product before and 8% said they haven’t even heard of it. Thirty-one percent of these respondents, however, shared they would be likely to give CBD a shot – with 10% saying they are “very likely.”

“We’re encouraged by the momentum developing around CBD (cannabidiol) as Americans add it to their stress management routines,” said Jeff Krueger, CEO of R+R Medicinals CBD. “With most Americans trying CBD for the first time, it’s our duty to ensure they see results. Many Americans are resistant to try CBD due to cost and skepticism. We eliminate this sentiment through our model of responsible pricing, by third party testing for quality, and through our satisfaction guarantee. It’s our intent to develop trust and acceptance of CBD as an effective supplement by allowing Americans to really put it to the test.”

Two in 10 of those surveyed who use CBD products specifically do so to help them sleep – which could be beneficial to the 47% of those working from home (about 1,300 respondents) who haven’t slept well since they started remotely.

A further 48% said they’re having a difficult time falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest thanks to working from home.

The pressure to find an effective destressing routine is all the more pressing for these respondents, as 50% said their work-life balance has been completely destroyed by quarantine.

“With the increased level of stress across America, we’re excited about the potential of full spectrum CBD and how it impacts stress, balance, and wellness. By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD influences homeostasis in both the body and mind,” said Jeff Krueger, CEO of R+R Medicinals CBD. “Combined with anecdotal experience, we’re happy to see continued research being conducted to explore the efficacy of CBD. We do encourage consumers to do their own research and consult with their physician about the potential effects of CBD.”


  1. CBD helps with their stress – 24%
  2. CBD helps with their anxiety – 22%
  3. CBD helps them get better sleep – 19%
  4. CBD helps them manage their pain – 14%

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