My order from Great CBD Shop just came in! (Review of VWS/Delta Farms and Natures8 cartridges …

Hey guys!!! My name is Tom! So I ordered from Great CBD Shop for the first time on November 24 around 3pm. For reference, I live in Massachusetts (for the shipping part). I ordered a Yocan Uni Pro (amazing!!!), 1 Delta Farms/VWS Girl Scout Cookies cart, and 1 Natures8 OG Kush cart. This review is just my general thoughts – I paid for everything with my own money!

Here is a link to the picture of the whole order:
Price: Everything was really cheap! I used a 10% off coupon from thehempsheet, and it came out to $84.74. Very good price for what I got.

Shipping: The package was a normal USPS package. The return address was just listed as “goGPD” with the address, so nobody would be able to tell what it was if they glanced through my mail. It was unbelievably fast, too! Like I said, I ordered on November 24, a couple days before Thanksgiving – it arrived this morning, November 27, even with a day delay from the holiday. Amazing job, guys! Easiest 5/5 ever!

Also, when I opened up my package, I was surprised with a complementary airhead (cherry, which happens to be my favorite flavor!), a 7 MG Green Roads CBD Dropper, and a small pack of 4x 5MG CBD gummies. I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the latter 2 🙂

The Yocan Uni Pro is incredible. I ordered through 3chi for my first d8 cart, and I picked up one of the palm batteries, which is at a fixed voltage. The already harsh carts were even harsher at that voltage – I’m amazed with the performance of the Uni, though! I could taste all the flavors without burning my throat badly. It’s small, discrete, and I love the way I can adjust the voltage. For the carts I ordered, I began at 2.2v, moved up to 3.0v, dropped to 2.7v, and then ended up on 2.4v, which is pretty good. It definitely lives up to the hype. It also made me really happy to see the screen display “take care” when I turned it off. It was a nice touch :), and I give it a strong 5/5. I paid $26.99 or so for it, but I can’t see needing something more expensive than this for someone like myself. I bought the dark blue one, since the pink one was out of stock lol.

To preface the review of the carts, I’ll say that I do a lot of mountain biking, and I’ve started chilling out a little before I get home to get a chance to use my carts. It’s a great end to the experience that’s already incredibly cathartic for me. I say this because it means I feel the effects of things a lot stronger when I’m cooling down from a very intense afternoon, I’ve found, so that may be part of the reason I have a low tolerance – I likely would have needed to take more d8 to get to the same level of effects I experienced. They may not always be this strong is what I’m trying to get at!

started around 3:50 PM

Delta Farms/VWS – Girl Scout Cookies
Taste – sweet, earthy, rich; it reminds me a little bit of fresh soil (the good smell lol, not eating dirt) mixed with flower petals mixed with something else that’s sweet. It’s a really deep flavor – the effects were really strong from only two pulls, but I took some more because it tasted so good haha. Easy 5/5!

feelings – vibrancy, euphoria/extreme happiness, uplifted, heavily relaxed. my blood feels good flowing through me. heavy. the music I’m listening to plays through my heartbeat. everything is very still and easy to focus on. i gotta bike back to my house still and it’s 6 minutes to sunset haha. i feel ready and kinda excited tbh! (I wrote this part when I was really feeling it I guess!). I took a total of 4 puffs from it and recorded its effects first before adding the other cart to it. It’s a strong 5/5 for me, perfection!

Natures8 – OG Kush
Taste – sweet, sharp, heavy, relaxed. reminds me of a memory from the museum of science in Boston when I smelled the mongoose or beaver exhibit as a kid. tastes really earthy too. Personally, the memory makes it a 4/5 (makes it a little weird) for me, but if not for that, it would be a 4/5 or 5/5 with anyone else, too.

Feelings – really swirly. as if there’s a vortex that moves diagonally from my shoulders down my torso into my hips, waist. makes legs a little tingly. swirling clockwise around my brain and my calves too. Makes me think about the phantom hourglass zelda game and remember that shopkeeper guy beedle. Heavily warm, sedentary. just gucking saw a heron fly across the pond what the heck! this is ridiculous. it’s so good (I was feeling it heavily at this point). I took 2 pulls from this one on top of the other cart, but the feelings were a little bit different once I added this one into the mix. Strong 5/5 as well

just said what the heck and took a few rips of the Watermelon Zkittlez cart from Delta Alternatives/Rogue River Labs. The Uni made it taste so goodddd. I’m pleasantly messed up and now I must away to home. I will finish later. Okay bye love you

5:54 PM
i am continuing this review from a more sober mind. it was a really chill little while, and it made the ride home really pleasant. i was stumbling through words in the conversations i had, felt a nice, rising happiness in my chest, and enjoyed some food immensely (especially the free airhead!).

The Girl Scout Cookies cartridge from Delta Farms/VWS vaped the smoothest out of every single cart i’ve had so far. It also tasted the best, it has a really pleasant flavor profile. I think it’s likely my favorite out of every kind I’ve had! I’ve tried:
Green Crack (BDT) from 3chi, and
Watermelon Zkittlez (CDT)/Super Sour D (BDT)/White Widow (BDT) from Delta Alternatives/Rogue River Labs.
I enjoyed ALL of them – none of them were as quality of an experience as this cart, though. This one also hit me the hardest. I could feel a change come over me in only a few minutes. I can’t recommend trying out carts from VWS as soon as possible. It was a wonderful experience! I’m going to definitely order a variety of flavors next time. My favorite variety so far 🙂

The OG Kush cartridge from Natures8 was really good, too – i’ve never had a cart that had that sort of mouthpiece (circular, not tapered). It ripped really smoothly, too, but a little less smoothly than the GSC one. That said, it had a really nice smell that lingered. I felt really, REALLY relaxed physically and enjoyed myself immensely. I was extra balanced on my bike, extra smooth with my tricks, really smiley, and generally calm and happy! It was cheaper than the other cart, but it was very close in quality. I strongly recommend Natures8 carts, too! I felt really good afterwards, and I’m definitely going to get some more of these next time I stock up. They’re very high quality, and I really enjoyed it!

I can’t get over how quickly it shipped, though – it made my day to update the tracking and see that it was out for delivery. It also made my day to actually open it up and use it lol. If anyone has any other questions about these, let me know! It was a lot of fun to test these out 🙂

(i want to add that i ran into a buck before i used the carts, so i was already in high spirits! it was so cool!)

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