CBD 2020 Black Friday sale

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Many are looking to try CBD products for their dogs, and this place sells high quality products imo.
These are human products, but can easily be administered to a dog, by using the weight scale provided for dosing humans. I recommend starting with a lower dose and gradually building up as needed.

LESS IS MORE..and as always, it’s best to check with your vet before administering anything that could adversely affect your pet or interact with other medications. In the USA, vets are reluctant to discuss anything CBD for fear of the FDA, so you may not get an answer.

Although I didn’t use this particular brand for my past friend (didn’t know about it at the time), the product that I used was a 1000mg variety. The CBD that I used is pictured below as a reference only from a Reno, NV USA dispensary that no longer carries it. I began at half dose and she did great so the dose was gradually increased to 3/4 of the human dose. There was no need to go any higher for her.
I suggest only the CBD oil products for a dog. (unflavored)


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