Brit Set To Become Cannabis Billionaire Spent £3m On Red Wine

A British man who is set to become a billionaire from selling medicinal cannabis says that he’s already started spending his cash on some fairly extravagant things, like – oh, you know – £3 million worth of red wine.

40-year-old Maximilian White started out in the music business, but now owns a large cannabis farm in Portugal that, after four years, has grown to employ hundreds of staff and exports to clients all over the world.

Now, the man who is potentially Britain’s first canna-billionaire says that he’s glad that his product is making a difference to people’s lives, as well as bringing him a large wad of cash along the way.

Credit: Billie Media Photography
Credit: Billie Media Photography

He told the Daily Star: “For me it’s not about the money, it’s about the vision. All of the cannabis we sell is medical.

“It can help people with conditions including psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, fits and countless other things.”

Obviously, with this kind of success comes quite a lot of expensive stuff. As well as his 40 hectare farm, White owns 50 homes in Dubai, and large and luxurious properties in the UK, Spain, and Thailand.

Apparently one of them is worth £15 million.

That’s before we get to the cars. White owns a fleet of 20 vehicles that include – of course – a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce.

The basic take-away from this is, he’s doing pretty well for himself.

He continued: “When you can afford it, you buy the best of everything. That means the best cars, the best houses, the nicest boats.

“One of my hobbies is collecting red wine; I have about £3m of it. I once spent almost £1m on a watch.”

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However, the former DJ from Nottingham believes that the fact that he’s so rich is at least partially down to his ability to drive a hard bargain and get the most bang for his considerable bucks.

He explained: “I always make sure I get something for the best possible price.

“The rich get richer because they are careful to get the best bargains.”

Credit: Billie Media Mallorca
Credit: Billie Media Mallorca

That being said, there are things that are more important than being incredibly wealthy and having loads of really expensive stuff.

White, a father of four, said: “If you link money with happiness, no amount is ever going to be enough. I don’t make that mistake.

“I prefer the journey more than the destination.

“This is all about making a legacy for my kids.”

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