ALERT! Oregon Hemp Hits Humboldt @ $250+ Per Pound!


It’s back and its even cheaper than it was last year. Its a fresh supply of Oregon Hemp! High quality Hawaiian Haze hemp flower from Oregon, containing 22% CBD, has hit the streets of Humboldt County. Another variety of Oregon Hemp, called Sour Space Candy, with a 17% CBD content is also making the rounds in the area. Prices are starting out at $250 per pound if bought in bulk of 10 lbs. or more. Single pounds are fetching up to $500 each.
The hemp flower looks and smells just like high quality marijuana. There is, of course, one major exception. The flowers contain only minor traces of THC content. The hemp flower that is being sold is high content CBD flower.
So be on the Alert! If someone is trying to sell you some Oregon outdoor Hawaiian Haze or Sour Space Candy herbs, it just might be Oregon Hemp Flower!

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