Will Culinary Cannabis Become the New Wine Tasting?

This week, we’re taking the Fork in the Road podcast into the field with RV Share, heading up the Central Coast to check out some of my favorite farmers, ranchers, and chefs along the way — who also just so happen to be badass women at the top of their game. Our first guest is Hannah Brands, the cannabis entrepreneur and co-founder behind Autumn Brands, a pesticide-free, ecologically focussed grower of marijuana.

What drew me to Hannah is not just that she’s killing the game in a male dominated industry, but the fact that the Autumn Brands cannabis takes a culinary approach when it comes to flavor profiles. Think flavors like wedding cake and watermelon gelato! It’s so delicious.

Hannah’s family is Dutch, and before the cannabis farm came to being, her father grew tulips. Now, they’ve switched to a new kind of flower, and one that I’m particularly fond of.

We explored their greenhouses in Carpinteria and chatted with Hannah — at a safe distance and outdoors, of course — about the local cannabis industry, how terpenes impact the flavor profiles, and if there may come a day when California becomes the new Amsterdam, with weed tourism being the new wine tasting.

We also have some really cool video content touring the cannabis farm on my Instagram and Youtube, so feel free to give me a follow to check it out @kristasimmons.

This episode is brought to you by RV Share.

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