Now’s The Time To Finally Buy A Theragun (For Up To $150 Off!)

Theraguns are pricey and it’s tough to justify spending upwards of $500 on a souped-up muscle puncher. But, if the glowing reviews from everyone and their mothers are of any indication, this top-of-the-line fitness gadget is worth the investment hype — if and when you can swing it. And, lucky for those of us who have yet to pull the purchase trigger, Therabody just dropped a major sale in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we can shop starting NOW. From November 20 through December 1, the retailer will be offering $150 off all Theragun models, including the entry-level Mini and Wave Roller. (Unfortunately, the just-launched Product(RED) collab is excluded from the promo.) Additionally, if you’re not looking to buy a device or already own one (lucky you!), Therabody is also extending discounts across its range of CBD wellness products — all TheraOne topicals, tinctures, and oils will be buy one, get one free.

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