How much THC can Ethanol hold?

If you have a alcohol thc tincture you can make it more potent by boiling away some of the alcohol, so you will have same ammount of thc in less ammount of alcohol. (THC has way higher boiling point than alcohol and therefore wont evap or degrade)

But is there any limit? If you turned for example 50g of product in 150 ml of tincture and then boil it down to lets say 30ml will those 30ml still have the same ammount of THC in it?

There has to be a maxiumum ammount of THC that can be dissolved in 1ml of alcohol otherwise you could boild your 150 ml tincutre to 5ml and have basiqually dab like potency.

So whats the maximum limit of THC that can be dissolved in 1ml of alcohol, anybody know?

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