consuming cbd: get to know our best-selling supplements

our cbd products come in many shapes and sizes. so, what’s difference?

however you take cbd will affect how quickly (or slowly) you’ll feel the benefits. we’re breaking down the ways you can enjoy beam cbd and what that means for your body + mind including the following form factors:

  • capsules
  • oils
  • powders

let’s get into it.

convenient capsules

all of our capsules are made with vegan shells, making it easy for your body to break down each one. and once capsules are broken down, a squad of super-charged ingredients are released into your system which (thanks to our nano cbd powder) have a higher absorption potential. that means you’re going to feel the benefits of each capsule faster. plus, you can bring capsules anywhere, making them an easy addition to any routine.

our capsules include: dream + focus + revive

cbd oil

when you take our cbd oil, the one, it quickly puts your body in direct contact with cbd. the most popular way to take it is under the tongue, but feel free to add it to your smoothie or tea any time of day. it’s also one of our most versatile products, coming in a range of potencies and flavors. cbd oil is great for anything with a flexible schedule looking to get some added zen throughout the day.

our oil includes the one, available in a range of flavors and potencies.


last but not least, we have our best-selling powders. a crowd favorite, both clarity and dream powders are meant to be blended in liquid, as this fully activates the power of nano cbd particles (remember, nano cbd = higher absorption potential). our powders are yummy and easy to take, just mix them in with your favorite nut milk and enjoy!

our powders include: dream + clarity

if you’re trying a new supplement, there might be some learning as you go since it comes down to what you prefer. we suggest keeping track of how you feel after trying a new product. did you feel rested the morning after taking dream? did taking focus in the late morning help you feel sustained throughout the workday?

keeping track can help you gauge how and when to take supplements!

still have lingering questions or curiosities?

we could talk about cbd all day. feel free to reach out at [email protected] if you want to know more! we’re here to help.

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