Try a Cannabis Drink & Say “Hi” to Infused Beverages

A hangover free morning isn’t the only reason to pop open a cannabis beverage when you’re craving a cold one. Cannabis-infused drinks, sometimes called “drinkables”, are discreet, easy to consume and appealing for those who lean towards the effects of cannabis and away from its flavor. Many CBD and/or THC-infused beverages are also low-sugar and low-calorie, adding another “pro” to the swapping bud for beer list.

Generally single servings, cannabis-infused drinks are also a great option in these times of not sharing. Keeping up with social distancing, “smoke sessions” must be reimagined. If you want to safely elevate with your quaranteam, grab a couple of cannabis-infused beverages from your favorite Santa Rosa Dispensary, sit outside in a big circle and crack open a bottle of the best buds with your best buds. Problem solved!

Precisely dosed and palate pleasing, next time you visit the best Dispensary in Santa Rosa near you, swoop up some “drinkables.” Raise a glass to the power of cannabis! Here are a few of our favorites, all stocked at Sonoma County Dispensary Flora Terra:

Lagunitas 18:1 Hi-Fi Hops

18:1 should not make you feel stoned, but the effects vary from person-to-person. It should make you feel more at ease, alert yet calm. It’s basically the same feeling you get from petting a dog. Happy and really nice.

Lagunitas 1:1 Hi-Fi Hops

This IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is made using everything Lagunitas knows about hops — but with zero alcohol, zero calories, and zero carbs. Infused with THC from the finest, sun-grown cannabis at AbsoluteXtracts.

Keef Bubba Kush Rootbeer Soda

Winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible, this flavor is an all time favorite that mixes very well with ice cream to create the ultimate root beer float. The 10mg Bubba Kush Root Beer has proven to be a fun and effective infused product for people new to the edibles experience, as well as a staple treat for experienced users.

Rebel Coast Lemon Lime Seltzer

Like the “White Claw” of cannabis, crack into the light, crisp taste of cannabis-infused sparkling water. Rebel Coat blended fruits, sparkling water and THC for an easy, drinkable cannabis experience. Each can has 10mg of THC, with zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars. And zero alcohol means zero hangover.

Good Stuff Tonic Honey Lemonade

Unwind from your work day, relieve your pain, and sleep like a baby with Good Stuff Tonics Natural Health Honey Lemonade. The Good Stuff Tonics infused drinks provide a healthy twist on a popular American beverage. Natural Health Honey Lemonade is made with all organic ingredients, sweetened naturally with honey and organic cane sugar, and includes no preservatives. 100mg THC per bottle

Whether you are new to cannabis-infused beverages or an expert, we suggest you take the same approach as you do for edibles — go slow, start low. Begin with a 5mg dose, and give it an hour before taking another sip.

Check out our weekly “Thirsty Thursday” deal — 20% off all beverages!! This Thursday, November 12th, is also #NationalHappyHourDay and what better way to fill your day with joy than by visiting our Santa Rosa Cannabis Club. Cheers from the best dispensary in Sonoma, Flora Terra!

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