Mississippi Voters Approve Statewide Medical Marijuana Program

The Mississippi Department of Health has been working around the clock to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the agency will be responsible for starting a statewide medical marijuana program within the next nine months.

Uncertified election results show 74% of Mississippi voters approved the ballot measure that allows doctors to prescribe up to 5 ounces (142 grams) of marijuana per month for people who have at least one of more than 20 serious medical conditions.

“This vote shows minds are changing,” said Jaqueline Temple Rudder, a homemaker from Madison County who lost her father-in-law to cancer and voted for Initiative 65. “We don’t want our sick suffering.”

Both Gov. Tate Reeves and state’s top health officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, opposed the initiative. Reeves said passage would lead Mississippi to have the “most liberal weed rules” in the country – although it does not legalize recreational marijuana. Dobbs said it would distract health…

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