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The conversation surrounding CBD products is moving from their benefits to the quality of the products in the market. When a product gains as much notoriety as CBD has in recent years, many manufacturers will want to “get in on the action”. But this can lead to the dilution of the products themselves as different manufacturers attempt to put their own spin on CBD products.

Therefore, it is very important to take a closer look at the CBD suppliers you are buying from. Have their products been properly tested to ensure quality and effectiveness? Have they been tested by a third-party laboratory? These are just some questions to ask when determining the quality of CBD products and here at Formulaswiss, we endeavor to make the entire process as transparent as possible.

It Starts with Hemp and Cannabis Farming

Extensive research in USA and over 100 studies show CBD has an effect against cancer. Many other studies have shown that CBD can also be very effective in the safe management of pain and in prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression. Given that many people have grown tired of expensive pharmaceutical drugs that damage their liver and, sometimes, cause dependency and addition, it is little CBD has become such a popular green alternative.

But even if there are no side effects of using CBD, the quality of the product you choose is very important. And quality has to be accessed from the product’s infancy; when growing the Hemp and Cannabis Sativa plants from which CBD is derived.

At Formulaswiss, we want to control every aspect of the production process. So, we don’t source the Hemp and Cannabis Sativa plants from third-party farmers, but grow the plants ourselves in organic conditions meant to ensure the plants grow as nature intended.

The Manufacturing Process Follows…

When our plants grow, we harvest them in the utmost care before the manufacture of the CBD products can begin. If there are additional products that we need in the production process, we source them from suppliers whose manufacturing processes have been certified and who meet our pre-determined standards.

We control our own manufacture of CBD products to ensure quality. Each product is triple-tested by third-party independent labs whose principal task is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products, but above all to ensure that they are safe for use. Each product we sell has its own Certificate of Analysis with the details of the test, and you can request the certificate whenever you want.

This quality-control has long been a practice of Swiss manufacturers, which is why US customers love Swiss quality CBD products. If you are looking for quality and effective CBD oil at affordable rates, then Formulaswiss should be at the top of your list. We are also actively seeking resellers and distributors in the U. S to help bring our products to those who may need them the most. Besides helping those who may benefit from CBD products, you will also make some extra cash.


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