Bubbie’s Treats Offers Healthy, Delicious Cannabis Cookies and More

Peter Litin operates Bubbie’s Treats in Bellingham’s Irongate neighborhood. His edible cannabis products tie together a love for family, passion for cooking, belief in the healing powers of natural medicine, and a desire to help improve the world around him. I recently had the opportunity to ask him about all of that, as well as his partnership with Piece of Mind Cannabis, Bellingham’s only downtown cannabis shop, which is poised to grow nationally.

How did you come to Bellingham?

Peter Litin understands that the best way to his customer’s heart is through their sweet tooth. Photo courte-sy Peter Litin

When I decided to move away from Chicago, I was divided between Portland and Seattle. My best friend from college lived in Seattle, so I landed there. Shortly after moving, I got into the high-end glass art scene, and I started making connections with artists, including a lot of artists up in Bellingham. I came and visited my cousin here, and just got an incredible feel for Bellingham compared to Seattle. I’ve always been on a quest for the most beautiful place, and now I’m getting my family to move out here, too.

It sounds like your friends and family are a big part of what you’re doing.

The product that I’ve always dreamed of making in this business is an homage to my grandmother. “Bubbie,” in Hebrew terms, is an old Jewish grandmother. My grandma, Shelba Geraldine Litin, wasn’t really into the word “bubbie,” and we would joke around with her and get her frustrated, and she would tell us that she would clobber us. But she was very inspirational to me as far as cooking, and my mom is a professionally trained chef, so my whole childhood I was always looking over my mom’s and my grandma’s shoulders, seeing what they were doing.

My parents are moving out to Washington in a year, and they really want to be part of the business. My dad is a computer IT helpdesk specialist, and my mom happens to be the best micromanager on this and that side of the Mississippi, and she’s excited to help make sure that things run smoothly.

Bubbie’s fudges are a result of meticulous research and development, and can be found at top cannabis retailers across the state. Photo courtesy Peter Litin

What exactly are you making?

We have a cookie called Bubbie’s Chocolate Chippies, which is a plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free chocolate chip cookie. Along with the chocolate chip cookie, we do a Famous Fudge, which is also plant-based and gluten-free. We have normal fudge, a sea salt edition, a mint edition, a Rice Krispie edition, and dark chocolate.

We’re coming out with a Peanut Bubbie and Jelly cookie that’s also gluten-free, plant-based and soy-free, that should hit the market in the next couple of months. We’re also going to introduce a medicated honey; there will be six separate products coming out of that honey line: a THC honey, a CBD honey, and a one-to-one honey that’s equal parts THC to CBD. And there will be a honey lemon ginger in the same varieties: with THC, with CBD, and a one-to-one.

THC is the chemical is marijuana that gets you high, but what is CBD?

Litin’s recipes begin from a love of cooking that grew out of a childhood spent watching his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Photo courtesy Peter Litin

My mom had two knee replacement surgeries and a hip replacement surgery, and it’s not that she’s against marijuana, but she doesn’t want to get high—that aspect is just something she doesn’t want. But CBD is still extremely beneficial, and very helpful when it comes to relaxation, stress, or anxiety. I’m an avid mountain biker, so I’m constantly bouncing off trees, and I use CBD for pain, as well as for help sleeping. And I’ve seen CBD help people with stress, cancer and stomach issues. I’ve seen so many people stop using prescription medications by using CBD.

What got you interested in the cannabis market?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people out, introducing people to marijuana and CBD—not as a recreational drug, but as medicine. For the last eight years, I’ve seen THC and CBD not only prolong people’s lives, but also help people with the most stressful things in life, like not being able to sleep or not having an appetite. And I’ve seen marijuana in edible and vapor form absolutely help more people than not who were willing to try it.

How did you partner with Piece of Mind Cannabis?

Piece of Mind Cannabis Marketing Coordinator Hunter Burton finds that these healthy and delicious treats tend to sell themselves. Photo credit: Steven Arbuckle

My good Buddy Jason Jaques, the assistant general manager, started working there when it was called Satori. I started supporting them, going in and purchasing products, and they asked me to make hors d’oeuvres for company holiday parties. I know so many people who have been there for a long time, and every time I meet a new employee there, I’m welcomed with open arms.

They were the most inspirational and motivating people for me when I was building my commercial kitchen and getting my licenses. And they just present themselves, and their products, so well.


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