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Over the last few years, there has been word of an alternative way of dealing with pain, anxiety, and other conditions. Not only that but as it gained popularity, it gained variations as well, bringing products aimed towards animals for pet owners to buy.

This new method of dealing with these symptoms is known as CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol. This article is made for those who are interested in CBD and know nothing about it, as well as those who want to try it out to help their pets deal with tho specific situations: excessive anxiety and mental distress as well as inflammatory diseases and pain-inducing conditions.

But first, let’s begin by talking about cannabidiol and why it has gained popularity to the point of receiving its own national day in the United States. Next, I’ll portray some situations where cannabidiol might become a resourceful asset for you and your pets.

Cannabis and Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, as the name portrays, is heavily related to the cannabis plant, a resource that we know has been forbidden all around the world for many years, and is now legalized and used as both a recreational tool and a medical way of treatment.

Many might be surprised by this statement, but cannabis has been used as a medicinal herb for many years, even back in ancient times. It started to gain a lot of renown in the West as it was introduced back in the 1830s as a possible new medical method.

It was often used to deal with pain-inducing conditions and reduce inflammation, as well as help people, reduce their stress from everyday tasks and get rid of their insomnia. Not very different as it is today.

Thing is: cannabis is well known for being a psychoactive asset that can get people “high” under normal circumstances, and that is the reason why it was believed to be addictive and sold illegally all over the world, including the United States. Nowadays, it is allowed to be used for fun, and to treat illnesses and conditions.

With that said, considering that cannabidiol is heavily related to cannabis, is it actually safe to use in dogs? Well, that’s the thing: CBD was done to be capable of achieving the benefits of cannabis without bringing its psychoactive effects to the table.

Cannabidiol is mostly produced from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of cannabis that contains really low levels of THC, the compound that provides the plant with its psychoactive effects. Normally, CBD is below THC on content levels, but in the hemp plant, the case is the opposite, with THC only being preset at 0.3% of its normal levels.

Perfect for Animals

Normally, THC would be toxic for animals because the way THC and cannabis affect the body is by instantly targeting something we know as the endocannabinoid system.

This system is directly and indirectly linked to many functions of our brain and body, and animals have a stronger endocannabinoid system that can get overwhelmed by the substance.

That is why CBD is perfect for animals: because it contains such low levels of THC that it is harmless for them, and for humans as well. So, it can provide the healing benefits of medical cannabis without causing its regular side-effects.

Is It Legal, Though?

It is. At least in a lot of states all around the United States and in many places all around the world. You can even find product stores like https://www.holistapet.com/ that are specifically made for pets, providing products that are easier to use for pet owners.

But Why and When Should I Use It?

It depends entirely on your own circumstances. A lot of pet owners have bought CBD-based products to help their pets deal with the pain caused by diseases like cancer and common physical conditions on senior pets such as joint complications and kidney problems.

Of course, the main reason why people purchase this product is that, in comparison to standard forms of drugs aimed to deal with these conditions, cannabidiol offer benefits with really harmless side-effects, that can be easily dealt with by controlling the dosage your pet consumes to one that suits it the most.

I, myself, use cannabidiol to relax before my sleep and help myself deal with insomnia, a problem that has been accompanying ever since I was young and has affected me in many different ways. Some people might use them to help their inflammatory complications as well.

I also use it to help my rescued dog deal with its separation anxiety, a very common circumstance following pets that have been abused in the past and rescued by a caring family. I got her some nice CBD treats and that helps her relax when I’m out for work or for the gym.

Overall, you should at least give it a try and check out if it works. CBD is rather inexpensive and accessible, and the benefits are way too tasteful to not give it a try!

Source: https://lovebelfast.co.uk/cbdoil-for-pets-with-anxiety-and-pain-inducing-conditions/

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