AMCO’s Review of Osage Creek Cultivation farmed Pineapple Express

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Source Information

This iconic strain is labeled at 20.8% THC and 0.047% CBD. This Sativa dominate gets is genetics from crossing Hawaiian and Trainwreck lineages. In research I found some patients find it beneficial to treat anxiety, pain and stress. It’s arguable, but most sources list it as a 60/40 ratio so some Indica body effect is expected as well. This strain was all the rage about 10 years ago after a movie of the same name came out.

The Look

~ The look rates 9 out of 10. The cultivator packed jar opens up to reveal one bud to make up the eighth of an ounce. It was large enough I had to break it to get it out of the jar. The colors of this sample include pea green and eggplant purple. The numerous pistils break up the patterns as they reach out from the bud. The density is great as well.

The Smell

~ The classic smell rates 10 out of 10. The aroma of Myrecene and Limonene jump out at you but there are subtle hints of over ripe pineapple. The bright scent fills your whole sinuses.

The Taste

The taste rates 8 out of 10. The half gram joint rolled from an OCB Virgin paper and tip is nothing like the smell. There is a citrus exhale on the first hit. It has a somewhat musty fruit flavor but Caryophyllene’s spice is most prevalent.

The Cure

The cure rates 7 out of 10. About 90% of the tricombs are clouded. My best guess at the ratio is 90/10 clouded to clear. I’ve included multiple photos of the interior and exterior of the bud. I found no decapitation of the heads. The squeeze test is to check the rebound of the flower and humidity. With this sample it was a partial fail because it only partially rebounded. I think the overall humidity is a little low in my High Opinion.

The Effect

~ The effect rates 9 out of 10. This well balanced hybrid has an effect that would impress even those who perfect the pure Indica or Sativa of land race strains. There is an intense euphoria and helicopter head high, but also an Indica muscle relaxation and nerve reduction. It’s not a large reduction of pain but its defiantly there. Here at AMCO, I’m not a big hybrid fan, but this one is effective!

~ Overall AMCO’s High Opinion of Pineapple Express farmed by Osage Creek Cultivation and purchased at Little Rock’s House of Cannabis is 8.6.

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