Florida Hemp Council: Criminal Consequences, Civil Liability, and Regulatory Challenges in Hemp

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SEPT 18 2020



A discussion about attainable criminal consequences for hemp operators as properly as civil liability and securities details essential for achievement

About this Occasion

Join the Florida Hemp Council for a double-header presentation moderated by FLHC Legal Committee Member Tara Tedrow, Chair of the Controlled Subtsances Group at Lowndes Law. We are satisfied to be joined by Michael D. Barber, Esq., a criminal defense lawyer that will talk about attainable criminal implications related with production, transportation, and sale of hemp. In addition, Kristen Bartholomew from Lowndes Law will speak to us about hemp securities, as properly as civil liability in the state. Q &amp A to stick to!

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https://www.eventbrite.com/e/criminal-consequences-civil-liability-and-regulatory-concerns-in-hemp-tickets-118944065903?utm-medium=discovery&amputm-campaign=social&amputm-content material=attendeeshare&ampaff=escb&amputm-supply=cp&amputm-term=listing

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