Russia to Introduce Excise Taxes on E-Cigarettes


Overall health minister Veronika Skvortsovam stated that Russia has been striving to minimize nearby smoking prices, and justified this proposed tax by inaccurately stating that e-cigarettes are drawing folks to take up smoking. “The producers of these goods are essentially pulling (folks) into a new malicious campaign, we have to have to resist,” she stated.

Vaping goods had been to be regulated separately than cigarettes

Russia’s overall health minister is justifying this proposed tax by inaccurately stating that e-cigarettes are drawing folks to take up smoking.

In 2018, Russia’s Minister of Market and Trade, Denis Manturov, had announced that Russia was preparing to categorize vaping goods differently than tobacco goods, and consequently regulate them separately.

The Russian government has “taken the initiative to separate these devices into a separate category since they are radically unique from regular cigarettes and tobacco,” announced Minister Denis Manturov at the time. This motion was commended by  public overall health authorities, who have been incessantly pointing out that any solution regulations need to be relative to dangers.

“Electronic devices are safer. Several authorities, like Western authorities, even articulate a figure: electronic implies of nicotine delivery are 95% much less dangerous than standard cigarettes. The quantity itself can be discussed, but the truth that the misdeeds are substantially much less clear. Thus, the regulation of regular tobacco goods and electronic implies will have to be unambiguous,” stated Manturov at the time.

Russia endorsed the use of e-cigs for smoking cessation

The minister had also pointed out that Russia’s Ministry of Overall health was onboard with this motion, and was urging smokers to switch to the safer options. In relation to the impending regulations, the Minister had stated that these need to involve restrictions on promoting the goods to minors, and on their use in schools. Nevertheless a year on, the tone of the Overall health Ministry appears to have changed.

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