Makeup Artist for JLo Reveals Cannabis Skincare Item Applied for Youthful Appears


Jenifer Lopez has been nominated into the Oscar Awards soon after acting a part in the stripper film Hustlers. She is a globe star who is identified for her excellent appears and amazing performances. Not too long ago, her makeup artists revealed that the celebrity has been working with Cannabis extracted beauty goods to boost her beauty. She no longer turns to Botox soon after experiencing CBD. J.Lo is in her 50s but nonetheless appears just as young and quite as she was in her sweet sixteens. The secret lies in CBD extracted beauty goods. They do not disappoint Jenifer can attest to that.

According to Scott Barnes, J.Lo’s makeup artist makes use of on her quite attractive eyes,  Eye MATRIX, a CBD solution from Biotulin, to thank. J.Lo’s eyes are absolutely free from dark undereye bags and circles that manifest below the eyes. EyeMATRIX is an eye crème created from Biotulin, a bio-botox active compound, and marijuana extracted CBD oil.

EyeMATRIX is out there at £28, a cost that is inexpensive to all. According to reports, other major names such as Michell Obama, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton also use Biotulin rather than Botox. As a result, Jenifer Lopez is not the only celebrity who has sought the company’s support to strengthen and best their appears.


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