Healthcare cannabis a possibility to cut down intake of higher threat opioid use



To figure out the association of health-related marijuana legalization with prescription opioid utilization.


A 10% sample of a nationally representative database of commercially insured population was made use of to collect data on opioid use, chronic opioid use, and higher-threat opioid use for the years 2006-2014. Adults with pharmacy and health-related benefits for the complete calendar year had been incorporated in the population for that year. Multilevel logistic regression evaluation, controlling for patient, particular person-year, and state-level elements, had been made use of to figure out the influence of health-related marijuana legalization on the 3 opioid use measures. Sub-group evaluation among cancer-cost-free adults and cancer-cost-free adults with at least 1 chronic non-cancer pain situation in the unique year had been performed. Alternate regression models had been made use of to test the robustness of our outcomes such as a fixed effects model, an alternate definition for get started date for health-related marijuana legalization, a particular person-level evaluation, and a falsification test.


The final sample incorporated a total of four,840,562 persons translating into 15,705,562 particular person years. Healthcare marijuana legalization was identified to be related with a reduced odds of any opioid use: OR = 0.95 (.94-.96), chronic opioid use: OR = 0.93 (.91-.95), and higher-threat opioid use: OR = 0.96 (.94-.98). The findings had been equivalent in each the sub-group analyses and all the sensitivity analyses. The falsification tests showed no association between health-related marijuana legalization and prescriptions for antihyperlipidemics (OR = 1.00 CI .99-1.01) or antihypertensives (OR = 1.00 CI .99-1.01).


In states where marijuana is offered through health-related channels, a modestly reduced price of opioid and higher-threat opioid prescribing was observed. Policy makers could consider health-related marijuana legalization as a tool that may perhaps modestly cut down chronic and higher-threat opioid use. Nonetheless, additional study assessing threat versus advantages of health-related marijuana legalization and head to head comparisons of marijuana versus opioids for discomfort management is needed.


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