California Governor Indicators Marijuana Tax Fairness Bill But Vetoes Cannabis In Hospitals


The report goes on to say, ”

Newsom “begrudgingly” vetoed legislation, SB 305, that would have needed specific well being care facilities to enable terminally ill sufferers to use healthcare cannabis on web-site.

“This bill would make important conflicts involving federal and state laws that can’t be taken lightly,” the governor wrote in a veto message that recommended facilities would be at danger of losing Medicare and Medicaid funds if they permitted use of federally illegal cannabis.

“It is inconceivable that the federal government continues to regard cannabis as possessing no medicinal worth,” Newsom stated, adding that its “ludicrous stance puts sufferers and these who care for them in an unconscionable position.”

California NORML Director Dale Gieringer stated in an e mail that the group is “disappointed” with the governor’s veto, noting that the legislation had currently been watered down from an initial version that covered a lot more than just terminal sufferers.”

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