Colorado Marijuana Sales Soar Once again in August


The Colorado cannabis market enjoyed a third consecutive record-breaking month in August as sales at recreational and healthcare dispensaries reached $173.two million.

The state reported its very best ever month in June as retail marijuana sales amounted to $122.four million and healthcare sales virtually hit $30 million, leaving a total of $152 million. In July, sales improved to $166.three million, of which $135.eight million was recreational.

New Division of Income figures show that recreational sales reached $141.9 million in August and healthcare sales amounted to $31.three million. That left a record-breaking total of $173.two million, continuing Colorado’s hot streak this summer time.

There had been 5 Fridays and Saturdays in August, so it will be intriguing to see if it manages to preserve the development curve when September’s figures are released, or if it experiences a slight dip.

Total marijuana sales from January to August 2019 are now $1.16 billion, taking the total considering that sales started in January 2014 to $7.two billion.

The typical retail bud price for unprocessed marijuana is presently $999 per pound in Colorado, though retail trim price is $325, seeds are going for $five and bud allocated for extraction is becoming sold for an typical of $254, according to Division of Income figures.

These costs represent a considerable raise on this time final year. In October 2018, a pound of flower was sold at about $750, amounting to a 33% year-on-year raise, with provide shortages possibly driving up costs.

Colorado’s healthcare marijuana plan will alter on Nov. 14, 2019, when physicians, dentists and some nurses will be provided the energy to prescribe cannabis to their individuals. Autism spectrum disorder will also be added to the list of qualifying circumstances, along with something that qualifies for opioids.

This could give healthcare sales in the state a timely increase prior to the finish of 2019.

Colorado was the initial state to legalize recreational marijuana and a study published this week discovered that it has had no genuine influence on crime in the state.


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