Choose Elite vs Brass Knuckles – Greatest Strength, Impact and Worth Wins!


Choose Elite and Brass Knuckles are two of the major most common vape cartridge brands out there. We’ve reviewed each Choose Elite and Brass Knuckles several instances right here. Brass Knuckles has had tested dirty prior to, whilst Choose Elite has been a regularly very good item.

There now are each fake Brass Knuckles and fake Choose Elite cartridges, so verify our pages to make confident you have an genuine item. Beneath is our video comparison of Choose Elite vs. Brass Knuckles. Then maintain reading on for the in-depth evaluation.

Choose Elite is fire, Brass Knuckles is mids

Initially, the Brass Knuckles hardware died. I ended up dumping the oil into a CCELL later. Brass Knuckles has had concerns with their outdated hardware in the previous, which puts them at a disadvantage.

Choose Elite is in a class by itself. The worst puff we’ve had off a Choose Elite nevertheless beats Brass Knuckles on its finest day.

The only metric exactly where Brass Knuckles comes out ahead is taste. They do know how to make very good flavor oil and their terpene game is powerful. Choose Elite comes out ahead in just about every other category: Strength, impact, worth, and hardware overall performance.

Brass Knuckles has nicer packaging, but the cart is what matters.

Brass Knuckles demands a new hardware style

It is apparent to see exactly where Brass Knuckles keeps acquiring knocked back. When we compared finest and worst vape cartridge styles, Choose Elite applied hardware ranked higher and Brass Knuckles is a single of the worst. Brass Knuckles’ coiled atomizers leave a metallic taste, their hardware has a higher failure price, and they just have an outdated style.

CCELL’s very first generation cartridge was not very good either, but CCELL updated their hardware and it is now a single of the finest forms of hardware offered.

Select compared to Knuckles
brass knuckles in CCELL

Conclusion: Choose Elite wins

Even if they each had evenly matched hardware, we get extra puffs and larger good quality oil off the Choose Elite. Choose Elite carts give far better and longer-lasting effects. But it would be good to see Brass Knuckles increase their carts and make some thing stronger.

Comments or experiences with either Choose Elite or Brass Knuckles? We’d adore to hear about it in the comments under or our forum.


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