Addressing the Decade: Cannabis Promoting in 2019 and Beyond


Climate transform, cannabis, and producing a far better market by attractive to the finest in buyers.

Stalks burn to the ground.

Flowers incinerate into thin air.

No 1 gets to consume cannabis any longer.

This is the cannabis apocalypse we’ve all feared! Not actually, but 2020 is going to present some critical challenges for advertising cannabis.

Most poignantly, the threat of climate transform is at the forefront of heated political debate, and lots of buyers carry their passion for the atmosphere into their cannabis purchases. It is essential to address climate transform when advertising cannabis in 2019 and beyond.

Here’s how the two are at present intersecting and how we can have a tendency to the advertising atmosphere.

How the Cannabis Market Impacts the Atmosphere

Cannabis is no doubt tied, in aspect, to climate transform since it is a aspect of the atmosphere. It utilizes water and nutrients from its surroundings and produces byproducts in return.

A 2015 paper published in BioScience noted that “[cannabis] cultivation can have considerable damaging collateral effects on the atmosphere that are frequently unknown or overlooked.” [1] A lot more especially, the authors indicated that cannabis:

  • Is a water- and nutrient-intensive crop
  • Is in some cases cultivated by clearing land, in unique, in “remote forested watersheds, on private, public, and Native American tribal lands.”
  • Is connected with agrochemical pollution.
  • Needs intensive power inputs when grown indoors.

It must be noted that this paper did not talk about current procedures of cultivation that can lower resource consumption. In today’s globe, any effect on the atmosphere, even if largely due to black marketplace cultivators, can lead to undesirable press. Cannabis marketers must respond accordingly.

How Enhanced Promoting Techniques Can Aid

The aforementioned challenges with cannabis PR are just the tip of the iceberg. On major of the undesirable press, cannabis continues to be stifled by stigmatization.

Right here are two methods cannabis organizations can enhance their advertising to roll smoothly into conversations about the climate:

  1. Enhanced and correct messaging to appeal to the climate-conscious majority.
  2. Upgrading to environmentally-friendly operations: power-effective crop management approaches, recyclable packaging, waste reduction, and so forth.

According to a current Kaiser Household Foundation poll, a substantial majority of Americans think climate transform is genuine and that human activity is contributing to it. Supporting the thought that organizations must take manage of their practices to lower their carbon footprint will let some cannabis organizations take the lead in the lengthy run.

These are just a couple of methods that cannabis organizations and their marketers can attain (and retain) buyers in 2019 and beyond. Conversations relating to the atmosphere, climate transform, and becoming “green” are not going to dissipate. Are you employing accountable cannabis advertising approaches to enable enhance the climate of the cannabis market? Let us know about it in the comments under!


  1. Carah, Jennifer K et al. “High Time for Conservation: Adding the Atmosphere to the Debate on Marijuana Liberalization.” Bioscience, vol.65, no.eight, 2015, pp. 822-829. [Times cited = 36; Journal Impact Factor: 5.378]


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