What are Chillums and One particular-Hitters?


What are Chillums and One particular-Hitters?


Amongst a sea of e-nails, transportable vape pens, and desktop vaporizers exists a much more regular technique of consumption that has persisted due to the fact the origins of cannabis. Pipes are a attempted-and-correct technique applied to smoke marijuana, but one particular of the most practical and effortless methods to smoke weed is with a chillum, also identified as a one particular-hitter or bat. This compact and pocket-friendly tool is a should-have accessory for any cannabis customer.

What’s a Chillum?

A chillum is traditionally a cone or tube-shaped pipe that has an attached mouthpiece and a bowl. Though styles and shapes can differ, most one particular-hitters have a tapered mouthpiece and wider bowl finish, so that customers can pack in ground-up weed to smoke. Chillums do not generally have a carburetor like spoon pipes, which leads to restricted airflow if they are not packed properly. In spite of this limitation, one particular-hitters provide customers a exciting and classic way to delight in smoking marijuana.

Rewards of a Chillum

So, why would anybody opt for a one particular-hitter pipe rather of a temperature-controlled vape pen or a rapid-heating e-nailused to dab concentrates? Chillums provide customers the advantage of reconnecting with regular solutions of consumption. Due to their compact nature, one particular-hitters can only hold sufficient weed for one particular or a handful of draws. This makes it possible for customers to microdose cannabis on-the-go in a discreet and productive manner.

Chillum History

Today’s chillums are produced out of heat-resistant glass, wood, and other niche components, but ancient pipes had been produced out of clay, bone, and other quickly accessible components. Chillum use goes back at least to the 18th century, exactly where Hindu sadhu monks would use cilams, or pipes, for spiritual rituals. Native American tribes and Rastafarians would also use chillum-style pipes to smoke marijuana for religious purposes. These uncomplicated pipes are seeing a resurgence in reputation as customers appear for transportable methods to smoke weed.

Chillum Varieties

Chillums normally have a tube shape, but some might be easier or much more stylized than other folks. Most are produced from either glass or wood, every single with their personal pros and cons. A one particular-hitter glass pipe, also identified as a tasting pipe, is a miniature style of chillum. This compact pipe is just huge sufficient to match one particular hit’s worth of weed inside. One particular-hitters enable customers to get a compact taste and dose of their buds with out drawing as well a lot focus.


Dugout pipes are an additional kind of chillum and chillum accessory. These compact tools are typically square-shaped and function a compartment to match a one particular-hitter and an additional to hold your ground-up marijuana. A Monkey Pipe, also identified as the “Fisherman’s Pal,” is a branded chillum with a swiveling lid that can cover the bowl. These pocket-friendly pipes can be produced out of a mix of wood and metal for a sleek appear.

How to Purchase a Chillum

Chillums are produced out of a range of components, but the most widespread components are glass and wood. These handy pipes can run you anyplace from $five to hundreds of dollars for custom or artisan-crafted one particular-hitters with imaginative styles. The least expensive chillum solutions are superior for initially-time customers, but are vulnerable to chips, cracks, and breakage due to their low-cost material high quality.


If you are searching to invest in a higher-high quality glass chillum, appear for borosilicate glass, which is produced out of silica and boron trioxide. This heat-resistant glass might also go by “lab-quality” or “scientific” glass. It is also applied for ovenproof glassware. Glass chillums are preferred in quite a few instances due to the fact they do not impart a flavor on the smoked weed, but they are also much more prone to breaking.


Wood chillums might alter the flavor of a bud strain, but some customers in fact choose this technique of consumption due to the fact of the flavor the wood imparts to the knowledge. Hardwoods such as walnut, maple, and rosewood are typically applied for chillums, but you might also discover them produced out of bamboo. Stone chillums are also obtainable. Stone chillums provide improved durability but can be challenging to clean.

How to Use a Chillum

Chillums are invaluable tools that let you smoke with ease and discretion. Though they do provide comfort and portability, there is a understanding curve to smoking out of a chillum. For one particular, you do not want to grind your weed as well finely or you run the threat of burning it up faster or breathing in ash. You need to have to break up your weed huge sufficient to stay in the pipe, but compact sufficient to match.


You can pack the chillum vertically by dipping it into the ground-up weed and pressing your preferred quantity inside the bowl with your finger. If it holds, you can light it at a 45-degree angle to preserve the weed from falling out. After lit, take a handful of draws and delight in a microdose of your preferred cannabis strain.


Chillums are an effortless and productive tool that need to be in each and every cannabis user’s tool kit. Smoking cannabis has lost steam due to its harshness and relative unhealthiness, but quite a few customers continue to hold onto the tradition of pipe smoking. Chillums provide range and style for customers that have a busy life style, but nonetheless want to delight in smoking their weed.


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