This Week in Cannabis Investing October 11th


There was lots of news this week in the cannabis space. In the U.S., there is a new market place opening up for cannabis, yet another sales record out of Colorado, and new science on how cannabis can remedy opioid addiction. We looked at why Canada is a superior chance for cannabis investors currently than California. And we offered our personal evaluation on numerous other troubles.

Monday, we reported fascinating news from California’s cannabis market place. A bill is waiting to be signed into law to authorize the use of cannabis for finish-of-life hospital care. This is yet another multi-billion market place, reporting an eight.1% CAGR. And cannabis is an excellent medicinal help for palliative care. When (if?) this becomes law in California, it ought to be anticipated to catch on swiftly in other jurisdictions.

Also on Monday, we examined a extra somber topic. We surveyed how the U.S. cannabis business is presently “under attack”. It is becoming attacked by the sloppy, inaccurate and exceptionally slanted reporting on cannabis by the mainstream media. Soon after 100 years of publishing cannabis Fake News, the Corporate Media is obtaining this a challenging habit to break.

The U.S. cannabis business is also below attack from political dinosaurs who continue to obstruct cannabis legalization in the United States. And the ammunition these dinosaurs rely upon to demonize the cannabis business is the very same Fake News from the mainstream media. Meanwhile, shadowy anti-cannabis “public interest” groups aggressively lobby against cannabis legalization from outdoors of government.

Tuesday, we looked at yet another embarrassment for the United States with respect to cannabis. Even as extra and extra states legalize cannabis, cannabis arrests across the U.S. are increasing not falling. It is the ultimate waste of taxpayer dollars – for political purposes. As we speak, across the U.S. (and federally) discussions are below way to expunge cannabis convictions.

Some states are currently performing this. However anti-cannabis states and anti-cannabis law enforcement agencies are squandering billions of tax dollars to prosecute short-term cannabis offenses to attain(?) short-term cannabis convictions.

Partly due to this damaging political climate in the United States, we provided our opinion that Canada is a superior jurisdiction for cannabis possibilities currently than California – the U.S.’s single-biggest cannabis market place. We looked at the pro’s and con’s for each and every, and we see Canada as presently representing the superior danger/reward proposition.

Wednesday, we led off with essential news for the cannabis business on the study front. We currently knew that medicinal cannabis was a potent tool to lessen opioid (ab)use – and opioid deaths. Now study has emerged displaying that medicinal cannabis can totally remedy opioid addiction amongst a considerable percentage of addicts.

We then revisited the Secure banking bill now just before the U.S. Senate. We explained to investors why U.S. monetary institutions are presently so reluctant to do small business with cannabis providers. It is also why it is crucial that the Republican-controlled Senate permit Secure to pass.

Thursday, whilst the mainstream media calls the present vaping overall health difficulty a “crisis” we looked at a actual crisis: the 480,000 Americans killed just about every year by tobacco use. The Tobacco Crisis.
We then recommended that if cannabis can be made use of to remedy opioid addiction (a extremely addictive drug), why not nicotine addiction also? We explained how the Cannabis Remedy may possibly represent the very best remedy choice however for nicotine addiction – a multi-billion dollar market place in the U.S. alone.

Then we returned to the cannabis business to appear at a new harvesting (and processing) method that is broadly gaining favor in the U.S. cannabis business, specifically in California. Fresh-frozen cannabis is apparently the wave of the future in terms of creating superior cannabis extracts and enhancing harvesting/processing efficiency.

Friday, there was lots of news on the cannabis front (some of which we will not cover till Monday). We reported the most up-to-date cannabis sales numbers out of Colorado with respect to cannabis revenues. For the 4th time in five months, Colorado has broken its month-to-month sales record.  

This would be pretty optimistic news for any cannabis market place. But Colorado has the world’s most mature cannabis market place – and it is nonetheless expanding swiftly. This bodes properly for the complete cannabis business.

Much more news: Tilray (US:TLRY) and AB InBev (US:BUD) announced that they have taken their “research partnership” on cannabis-infused beverages to the subsequent level. Through a joint-venture business, the two partners are preparing to launch CBD-infused cannabis beverages in Canada following Phase two legalization.

We closed out the week with a exclusive function write-up. We compared cannabis, the world’s most versatile soft commodity, with crude oil – the world’s most-versatile challenging commodity. Our conclusion is that there is a pretty powerful parallel right here, and that cannabis is “the crude oil of soft commodities”.

That is how we saw this week in the planet of cannabis investing. Subsequent week, we’re currently preparing to say extra about Colorado’s new sales record, as properly as a “private lunch” involving Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. cannabis business representatives.



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