Scratch-and-Sniff Weed Packaging Is Coming Quickly


Shoppers could quickly be capable to smell legal weed goods with out opening the packaging, thanks to a new patent by two Washington inventors.

The dank aroma of cannabis is a big element buyers take into consideration when deciding on 1 strain or brand more than a further. But in Canada and some US states, weed goods are needed to be vacuum-sealed in airtight packaging, which prevents shoppers from smelling the goods.

That could all modify quickly, thanks to a new patent for scratch-and-sniff weed stickers. This Thursday, the US Patent and Trademark Workplace published a patent application for a new cannabis container idea that incorporates a sticker that will make the scent of the solution inside the package when it is scratched.

“A big hurdle to the obtain of cannabis is the safe packaging laws of many states,” the application explains, according to Marijuana Moment. “Packaging can normally stop a purchaser from observing specific traits of the cannabis, such as its scent.”

The applicants, Random Vaughn and Jonathan Tanzer of Olympia, Washington, summarize their solution by stating that the “general objective of the present invention is to give a cannabis package and system of choice that incorporates all the benefits of the safe packaging, and overcomes the drawbacks inherent therein.”

The proposed packaging would also enable healthcare marijuana customers to determine the properties of diverse cannabis strains, or assess their top quality, with out opening the packaging. The application notes that the smell of cannabis is an vital element in “selecting cannabis for healthcare motives such as seizures, headaches, or insomnia.”

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The application notes that there is currently a patent application for scratch-and-sniff packaging that makes it possible for shoppers to smell coffee with out breaking the package seal. Having said that, the applicants argue that their solution is exclusive due to the fact the coffee application produces the scent of coffee soon after it has been brewed. In contrast, the weed application produces the scent of raw cannabis flower ahead of it is burned or vaped.

The application lists two attainable ideas for its scratch-and-sniff packaging. In the initial, a sticker on the package would be infused with the smell of the weed inside, making use of terpenes, non-THC compounds that give weed its smell and taste. In the second twist, makers could infuse the sticker with smells that would be utilized as flavor notes, a lot in the way that wine is presently marketed.

In this second situation, the applicants note that the sticker could be infused with the smells of freshly reduce grass, bacon, vanilla, a Christmas tree, cinnamon, the seaside, a Sunday roast, bread, fish and chips, or furnishings polish. It remains to be noticed no matter if somebody would truly obtain weed that smelled like fish or furnishings polish, but the choice is there.


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