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Chances are, at some point over the past few years, you’ll have heard about CBD vape juice, or another CBD product. But unless you’re familiar with CBD, or have even tried it yourself, you may not know much about it. Or worse, what you do know may not be accurate. There is an ocean of information about CBD online, and all kinds of terminology that can be tricky for a newbie to wade through.

Our goal in this article is to simplify the topic of CBD vape juice, so you know more about what products are, how to use them, and what health issues they could potentially help with. Before we start, please note that CBD currently has few clinically approved uses. There simply aren’t enough studies yet for experts to be confident about its properties. 

However, the World Health Organization has stated – on more than one occasion – that CBD has “no abuse potential” and is non-addictive. Moreover, the CBD industry is thriving in the United States, having enjoyed unprecedented growth since legalization in 2014. The vape juice market has proven incredibly popular. Indeed, CBD e-liquids are our best-selling and most-reviewed products at CBDVapeJuice.net. 

Here’s a quick look at the questions we’ll be answering in this post: 

  • What is CBD vape juice?
  • Does CBD vape juice work?
  • What is the best CBD vape juice?
  • How can CBD e-liquid help me?
  • Where can I buy CBD vape juice online? 

cbd vape juice variety packCBD vape juice (also known as e-liquid and vape oil) is a vaping product made with cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic ingredient from hemp. CBD is a cannabinoid that’s also found in marijuana, and while it doesn’t produce a high, it does act on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide mental and physical health benefits. 

People like to take CBD in e-liquid form because it’s an efficient way of enjoying these benefits. Moreover, vaping is much healthier than smoking, another way of getting CBD into the body rapidly. Some CBD vape juices are made with CBD only, with the CBD molecules isolated from the hemp. However, some prefer full-spectrum CBD e-liquids, which are comprised of the whole hemp plant. CBD e-liquids are legal all over the United States, but legal requirements mean the THC limit must be capped at 0.3 percent. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, but it is only present in low concentrations in hemp

CBD vape juices are made with a carrier oil. These are used to dilute the extract into a specific concentration, so that there are e-liquids to satisfy both new and experienced users alike. Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are by far the most common carrier oils. Some brands use a mixture of VG and PG, while others just use one. VG is known for making vape juices sweeter, and PG serves to increase vapor production. Both ingredients have been deemed safe for human consumption. CBD vape juices are sold in numerous flavors, and made with artificial or natural flavorings. 

Does CBD vape juice work?

E-liquids are a really effective way of getting CBD into the bloodstream and the brain. The direct absorption of cannabinoids through the lungs is perfect for combatting a variety of symptoms. CBD e-liquids also work sublingually – applying under the tongue produces tincture-like effects. Sublingual absorption is not quite as speedy as vaping, but it’s a great Plan B if you can’t vape.  

It’s not totally clear which conditions CBD works for and which it doesn’t. There is always the possibility of a strong placebo effect. However, studies show that CBD acts on key receptors and produces reactions that suggests its therapeutic properties are genuine. 

Why are we still in the dark about some of CBD’s effects? Because research has been stifled for many decades. CBD is a cannabinoid, and the long-term prohibition of marijuana and hemp has made it very difficult to study these compounds. The most essential discoveries concerning CBD and cannabis so far were made outside of the United States. But hopefully, increased awareness and the widespread availability of CBD today will generate a huge wave of research over the coming years. 

In this section, we’ll take you through all of the different types of CBD e-liquid product, and clear up any confusing jargon that may be holding you back.

What is the best CBD vape juice extract?

The market is big enough for both CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD vape juices – both have a rightful place. CBD-isolate e-liquids are THC-free, which is vital if you have drug test concerns. With no THC, you can take as much of these CBD vape juices as you want, knowing you can’t fail a drug test. The drawback with these products is you only get the CBD, and not all the compounds in hemp.

Full-spectrum e-liquids do give you the full set of hemp components. These include cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabidivarin (CBDV). THC may also be found in trace levels. Terpenes and flavonoids are also present in full-spectrum CBD vape juices. These compounds have therapeutic value, too. The ‘entourage effect’ is another perk of full-spectrum products. A synergistic reaction, the entourage effect makes these vape juices more effective than if all the compounds were taken separately. Because of the purported extra benefits, full-spectrum e-juices typically retail at a slightly higher price than CBD-isolate vape juices. 

What is the best CBD vape juice product type? 

E-liquids: Buying CBD vape juice in the bottle gives you the most options. You can vape it on its own, or use it as an additive alongside any other e-liquid. And you can also vape sublingually. This is the cheapest way of buying vape juice. E-liquid can be added to vape tanks, and refillable pods and cartridges. 

Cartridges: Buying CBD vape juice in cartridge form is more convenient than getting the e-liquid separately. However, convenience comes at a slightly higher price. Cartridges are really easy to use. The industry is standardized nowadays, and just about all cartridges and vape batteries have the universal 510-threaded system. This essentially means you can attach any cartridge to any battery. Cartridges are great for giving you CBD on-demand, but the downside is you can’t mix them. 

Disposable pens: These work very similarly to cartridges. Disposables contain a set quantity of CBD e-liquid, and you just throw the device away when it’s empty. There are tens, if not hundreds of disposable pens available, with varying amounts of CBD and different terpene profiles. 

Disposables are good for delivering a specific type of relief, thanks to these terpenes. Some brands market their disposables based on the strain the terpene profile comes from, while others simply call the pens “relaxing”, “energizing” and so forth. This CBD vape juice product is expensive in comparison to standalone e-liquids, but as with cartridges, you pay for the convenience. Disposables aren’t so good, however, for vape enthusiasts who like to vape different e-liquids and mix products together. 

All these benefits are centered around CBD e-liquids working more efficiently than some other CBD products. The overall duration of vape juice effects is not as long, however, as those from edibles, capsules and other orally-consumed products. Therefore, to maximize CBD vape benefits, it will help to dose at regular intervals. 

Pain relief 

Researchers are still debating the value of CBD for pain, but users of hemp-based products are much more confident about its qualities. Cannabinoid experts know that the ECS manages perception of pain, among a whole host of other variables. THC-based medical marijuana products have been used by patients for years. But the arrival of non-intoxicating CBD products is welcome for the industry and chronic pain sufferers alike, many of whom will not subject themselves to the psychoactive effects of cannabis

Vaping CBD for pain is also many, many times safer than taking opioids. Users quickly become tolerant to these drugs, and require higher and higher doses for the same therapeutic effects. This also increases the risk of overdose. The body can tolerate CBD e-liquid in very large dosages, and do not trigger physical or mental dependence. 

CBD e-juices are more convenient than CBD flower products for on-the-go use. The aroma is not as potent, so you can be stealthy with your vaping. And with standalone e-liquids, you’ll always have the fallback of dosing sublingually. For maximum pain relief and sedation, you should try CBD e-liquids with indica terpenes. For pain relief without drowsiness, experiment with CBD vape juices infused with sativa or hybrid terpenes. 

Stress and anxiety relief 

Work or your studies stressing you out? Do social events make you anxious? Or do you constantly get drawn into unhelpful cycles of worst-case scenario thinking? Stress and anxiety are debilitating, and can affect your quality of life and long-term health if allowed to go uncheck. Some people turn to alcohol or cigarettes to deal with these troubles, but CBD is a safer and sustainable option. Moreover, CBD is all about the positive effects. Over time, alcohol and cigarettes can become addictive, and may end up being the cause of stress and anxiety in themselves.

Many people find that vaping CBD is relaxing in itself. Taking a few minutes out of your day to sit back and vape can be a peaceful act, and even a sociable one if you do so with friends. But the science also shows that CBD is good for anxiety and stress. Indeed, researchers were already looking at CBD for anxiety before hemp-based vape juices went legal in the United States. A key study from 2011 looked at CBD capsules and anxiety. 

So, does CBD vape juice work for anxiety? If anything, it’s even better than capsules. The super quick absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream and through the blood-brain barrier is more efficient than any other CBD product type. Only CBD flower matches the speed. You’ll likely get more anxiety relief from indica vape juices, as these are teeming with anxiolytic terpenes.

Helps with fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia is undoubtedly one of the most confusing medical conditions, as far as experts are concerned. Scientists are yet to reach a consensus on what causes the illness, which has a range of symptoms. These include pain, cognitive fog (or fibro fog), fatigue, headaches and migraines, stiffness and disrupted sleep. 

However, some scientists think that all these symptoms are linked to one source: the ECS. The ECS has many functions, and is one of the key systems for ensuring homeostasis in the body. In a nutshell, fibromyalgia may be what happens when the ECS goes wrong. Dr Ethan Russo has published studies on the concept of a dysfunctional ECS, called Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). If proven true through clinical research, medical cannabis and CBD products could soon be mainstream treatments for fibromyalgia.  

Vaping CBD strikes as an excellent way of combating the acute symptoms of fibromyalgia. Due to a lack of studies, we have to look to anecdotal reports on CBD and fibromyalgia. Patients tend to like CBD oils, e-liquids and flower. It’s no surprise that these products are popular since they all have fast response times. 

Cognitive benefits 

If you have a mentally taxing job, or are a student who has to use their brain a lot, you know that having a healthy, active and alert brain is vitally important. Mental fog and poor concentration reduce productivity, and negatively affect the quality of your work. All kinds of supplements and nootropics have hit the market recently, promising impressive brain-boosting effects. 

But it’s hard to know how safe some of these products are. That’s not the case with the best CBD vape juices. There are many top brands manufacturing high-quality, lab-tested products. CBD is the natural and non-addictive way of stimulating your brain, and enjoying improved focus and concentration. Cognition and memory are both regulated by the ECS, and cannabinoid receptors are situated all over the brain. This alone suggests CBD and other cannabinoids have profound effects on mental wellbeing. 

Get more from CBD for cognition by using e-liquids with sativa terpenes. The likes of geraniol and cineole offer short and long-term cognitive benefits, according to research. Some suggest that low doses of CBD work best for concentration and alertness. Therefore, vaping is great, as you can easily take just one or two hits at a time, a luxury you don’t get with CBD flower.

Mood-boosting qualities 

A few hits on a CBD vape juice can put you in a much better frame of mind. Anandamide is a key endocannabinoid in the body, and has been shown to have antidepressant qualities. CBD helps to top up levels of anandamide in the blood by stopping the compound from being broken down. More anandamide in the body means there’s more available to bind with CB1 receptors in the ECS, and improve mood. 

There is some evidence that CBD alleviates depression through its anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers are coming around to the idea that changing chemical balance is not the way to manage depression, or at least isn’t the only way. Studies on animals and humans have found that CBD can help restore functioning in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, two brain regions linked to depression. 

Many enjoy CBD e-liquids with a sativa twist, as the terpenes in these products are closely linked to increased energy, motivation and improved mood. That’s not to say indica-dominant CBD vape juices can’t help either, as these are effective at reducing stress and anxiety. The best CBD vape juice for you may depend on what is causing your low mood. 

Finding and purchasing CBD e-liquid is easy. Hemp-based CBD products are fully legal, so you can buy CBD vape juice online, including from this store. Click here to check out our full range of CBD e-liquid products. In addition to our own CBD Genesis e-liquids, we have products from other big names, such as Koi CBD, CBDfx, Hemplucid and Funky Farms CBD. Every e-liquid sold at CBDVapeJuice.net meets our very high standards. It’s also possible for companies to buy wholesale from us. Head over to the Wholesale page to learn more. 

If you were asking yourself, “What is CBD vape juice good for?” at the start of this post, you should have a much clearer idea now. E-liquids – whether they are CBD-isolate or full-spectrum – have a multitude of therapeutic properties. With a little know-how, any of these can be harnessed to make short and long-term improvements to wellbeing. 

The CBD e-liquid market has grown immeasurably since 2014, and will continue to flourish providing vaping’s reputation does not become tarnished. Recent news about vaping illnesses just highlights how important it is to only buy from quality vendors. This applies especially when buying flavored products. We recommend that you only buy from CBD companies who have complied with the now-expected, albeit unwritten rule of submitting products for third-party lab tests. This is a sure way of knowing that the products you’re buying are safe and legit, made with proper ingredients, and are free from solvents and pesticides. 


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