Hemp Farmers In The US Hampered By Lack Of Sector Information


This sounds like  Oregon overproduction story on a enormous scale.

Under no circumstances thoughts booked up processing plants, testing troubles in some states and now the vape crisis.

Some farmers are going to have a difficult time of it according to Hemp Sector Each day.


They create

“The irrational behavior of the hemp market place has been fueled by a mixture of artificial scarcity and speculation, which stems from regulatory restrictions prior to the 2018 Farm Bill and inexperienced farmers not converting anyplace close to 100% of their permitted acreage into a salable raw ingredient.”

Hemp farmers, consultants and processors told Hemp Sector Daily they are seeing an oversupply of the crop that may perhaps not make it out of the fields. That is mainly because numerous inexperienced farmers:

  • Didn’t make harvest plans.
  • Identified hemp to be much more difficult to create and harvest than anticipated.
  • Didn’t have a contract to sell their crops.

Complete report

Why harvesting and processing may perhaps be pricey lessons for this year’s new hemp farmers



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