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The month of October is a particular time in the cannabis neighborhood, particularly for these living in the Northwest. Not only are the seasons altering and pumpkin spice every thing is generating its annual comeback once again, it is also the time for northern growers to collect their cannabis crops and reap the sticky rewards — in other words, it is Croptober! There’s no time additional thrilling for a grower than when they can pull and trim the weed they’ve been functioning so difficult to develop. And, to be truthful, this is a quite thrilling time for cannabis buyers as properly given that all of the shelves at dispensaries really should be packed complete of freshly harvested bud. So, growers and smokers alike can all rejoice now that Croptober is lastly right here!

You may perhaps be asking yourself what is Croptober precisely, and how did it get its start out? Effectively, Leafbuyer’s right here to answer these inquiries, and additional, in this guide for all issues Croptober. All you have to have to do is kick back, unwind, and appear forward to this year’s Croptober and the cannabis crops that are bound to come with it!

The Cannabis Lifecycle

cannabis plant lifecycle stages of growing

To comprehend the significance of Croptober, you really should very first have a simple understanding of the developing lifecycle of cannabis. Soon after all, Croptober is an occasion centered about the October cannabis harvest, which usually falls in early autumn for outside develop (specifically in the Northwest).

Even though the length of a developing cycle varies based on the sort of cannabis plant, the typical time from seed to harvest is about eight months. As such, growers who program to celebrate Croptober commence the course of action in early spring with either seeds or clones. Seeds are excellent for knowledgeable growers or ambitious newbies hunting to save a small bit of dollars. Clones, on the other hand, are a bit additional practical given that they give you a head start out a young, currently somewhat grown cannabis plant that requires significantly less care and has a superior likelihood of surviving.

More than the course of many months and with particular care and patience, the weed plants attain maturity and commence blossoming with wonderful, resinous flower. About the time that October rolls about, the harvest is prepared. You can double-verify your timing by paying close consideration to when the trichomes start out obtaining milky and only a handful of have began turning to amber — and that is when it is time to get out the trimmers and get your bud curing to perfection! For skilled growers, this is also the time when they can start out hunting forward to promoting their merchandise to the masses. From seed to sale, the lifecycle of cannabis is thrilling — particularly the final bit, when you lastly get to delight in the item!

So, What is Croptober?

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Croptober started as a social media reaction to October’s influx of impressive cannabis harvest pictures. The hashtag #Croptober has stuck about given that then and even gained a life of its personal! Now, Croptober is additional than just a hashtag for higher-top quality photos of weed online — it is a celebration in its personal correct. Other properly-recognized and celebrated events all through the cannabis neighborhood, such as 420, also started as small additional than a collection of wacky rumors, and now Croptober is obtaining its likelihood to acquire some traction as properly. For now, although, #Croptober is nevertheless greatest for browsing by means of all the downright wonderful posts created by cannabis growers. You will see beautiful pictures of purple nugs, substantial harvests, and perhaps even some neighborhood bargains on this year’s harvest close to you!

A additional adverse aspect of Croptober, although, particularly given that the introduction of recreational cannabis, is crop theft. Due to the fact literal sticky-fingered thieves have figured out when the greatest time to harvest cannabis is, they’ve taken to stealing difficult-won harvest from growers. Even though this is of course a very profitable move — to do none of the function and reap all of the rewards — it just is not ethical. Experienced cannabis growers, and even any one with a individual develop, really should be on the lookout for crop theives, just in case. Soon after all, it would suck to place months of time, work, and care into your plants just to have them snatched as Croptober comes about the corner!

Croptober Offers

trays of freshly trimmed marijuana buds curing


For the typical marijuana user, although, there’s a lot to appear forward to in the coming month! With Croptober upon us, it is most likely you will see an influx of cannabis bargains on the web and at your neighborhood dispensary. ’Tis the season (for weed), just after all! And given that it is the time of year when the bud jars are packed to the brim and the growers’ hands nevertheless sticky with weed, it only tends to make sense to have a fantastic deal or two for the duration of this merry season.

So every person can now appear forward to not only a dramatic boost in quantity, but in top quality as properly! With thrilling and fresh new batches of cannabis coming in from skilled growers all more than the Northwest, you are bound to uncover some thing you like, and it really should be good and fresh for you. No matter if it be new strains that tickle your fancy or just some sticky, fresh nugs of your preferred classic strain, it is all there.


So, Delighted Croptober and a really stoney vacation season to you!

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