Cannabis influencers can assist get about marketing restrictions


(This is an abridged version of a story that seems in the October problem of Marijuana Enterprise Magazine.)

Social media influencers are individuals hired by organizations to engage with potential shoppers by means of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other on-line platforms.

Influencers can offer a way for marijuana organizations to promote their merchandise due to the fact they have constructed up trust with their followers and can effect getting choices.

And, due to the fact of marketing and marketing and advertising limitations imposed on the cannabis sector, influencers can broadcast companies’ messages in areas the organizations themselves can’t.

Cannabis brands can’t make use of social marketing presently – which means no Facebook advertisements, no Instagram advertisements, no LinkedIn advertisements, no Pinterest advertisements, and so on.,” mentioned Natalie Cupps DiBlasi, co-founder of Laced, a strategic digital agency in California that specializes in cannabis marketing and advertising.

“The No. 1 way (cannabis brands can get their) message out there is by means of influencers.”

Marijuana Enterprise Magazine spoke with social media professionals such as Cupps DiBlasi about what a cannabis firm really should take into account prior to deciding to enlist an influencer:

No matter if or not a firm enlists a social media influencer, there are measures that need to be taken to limit the danger of social media accounts getting shut down.


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