This post is aspect of a series on how to adjust cannabis stereotypes. You can start out from the starting.


Years of stereotypes and brainwashing will not disappear overnight. It will take function on all fronts, from all of us. We’re fortunate, numerous persons just before us have been pushing legalization. Choose up their torches! Take your spot and do your aspect to lead the way. It is going to take all of us.

There are social and financial forces at function, such as the swiftly altering regulations and laws in the present political climate. We face a lot of uncertainties when it comes to politics and the present administration. It becomes even extra vital for us to know exactly where factors stand these days – legally, economically, and personally with our clientele, sufferers, and clients.

In addition to understanding the political atmosphere, you will want to know about the attitudes, opinions, and issues of these about you. What are your present prospects and clients saying, considering and feeling about cannabis?

Attain outdoors your typical circle to hear from persons who do not use cannabis but are open to it. What has stopped them? Probably it is the stigma or their employers. If it is the stigma, what do they inform you about it? Spend focus to the words they use.


One particular Action You Can Take Nowadays

Interview at least 5 clients or persons who you feel would be your target clients. Uncover out their opinions, issues, and feelings about the cannabis sector. What do they feel the sector requirements to continue altering perceptions? What can you do to assistance these perceptions?


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