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by Damian Mann of the Mail Tribune

For 38 years, Arnie Abrams has enjoyed his quiet nation life outdoors of Ashland with idyllic views of the valley under him.

That peace and quiet was upended more than the previous year when hemp grows started surrounding his property, and he fears that what remains of his rural way of life will be fully undermined if a Jackson County-authorized hemp processing plant is constructed on farmland across the street.

“These persons have no interest in getting very good farmers,” stated Abrams, who has joined forces with other neighbors to oppose the project, even as perform has gotten underway to prepare the concrete pad for the developing.


Abrams, who voted to legalize marijuana in Oregon, stated he realizes it could be a losing proposition to fight the hemp facility for the reason that state laws typically favor agricultural operations.

“Any way I appear at it, I’m going to shed,” he stated. “We want to get out of right here, the Rogue Valley.”


Final year, Jackson County denied an application for a CBD processing plant in Eagle Point, partially for the reason that of fire dangers from working with ethanol and partially for the reason that it was regarded as a larger influence industrial operation.

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