Only 44 Canadians Have Been Offered Cannabis Pardons Below New Technique


As Canadians began to debate how — not if — cannabis would be legalized, a persistent query was: what about the hundreds of thousands of Canadians with prohibition-era convictions for possession?

In the finish, the federal Liberals rejected a program for records for possession to be expunged, or absolutely erased, in favour of a streamlined version of the pardon, or “record suspension,” procedure that is readily available for other crimes, minus the waiting period and $631 charge.

About 250,000 Canadians are believed to have prohibition-era records for very simple possession of marijuana, even though simply because some people today have been charged beneath a generic drug possession offence rather than 1 distinct to cannabis, it is not clear how a lot of there are. Also, these who have a record for other offences are not eligible for the plan.

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