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NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This month celebrates 10 years as the trusted resource for customers &amp physicians in the health-related [cannabis] sector. The MarijuanaDoctors.Com platform has pioneered the health-related [cannabis] market place though connecting extra than 40 % of the health-related [cannabis] patient population. MarijuanaDoctors.Com offers individuals not only access to certified physicians &amp dispensaries, but access to all relevant information and facts about their health-related [cannabis] plan which includes continual updates to state laws &amp qualifying circumstances. launched in 2009 with the mission of giving individuals visibility &amp transparency, demystifying the course of action of acquiring health-related [cannabis]. The web-site permits customers to see updated state laws &amp plan information and facts &amp detailed profiles with ratings &amp evaluations of all offices listed. Sufferers can also locate neighborhood dispensaries in their location, producing MarijuanaDoctors.Com an omnichannel knowledge with a user-friendly interface.

“We typical among 10 and 30,000 special hits each and every day, with most of the targeted traffic going towards information and facts on state laws &amp how health-related [cannabis] can support with particular circumstances &amp ailments,” says Jason Draizin, founder &amp CEO of “This permits possible individuals to locate out extra on the positive aspects of health-related [cannabis] and how it is a a lot extra all-natural, organic option to alleviate symptoms. Healthcare [cannabis] reduces the quantity of individuals dependent on stimulants, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, &amp opiates, that can be more than prescribed and extremely-addictive.”

More than 10 years, has generated:

  • 450,000 registered individuals (36,282 in 2019)
  • four,150 registered physicians (615 in 2019)
  • 250,000 appointment requests (40,000 in 2019)
  • 1 million calls to their listed physicians (70,000 in 2019). has a multi-faceted, engaged social media presence with 733,600 likes on Facebook &amp a month-to-month attain of more than 340,000, 17,300 followers on Twitter &amp 95,400 followers on Instagram with more than five million impressions in 2019. In total, MarijuanaDoctors.Com has reached more than 13 million individuals in 2019.

As has grown, the positive aspects of health-related [cannabis]  continue to not only be recognized but normalized extra and extra every year. Healthcare [cannabis] has been established to support individuals with a variety of acute &amp chronic circumstances, including Parkinson’s Illness, Numerous Sclerosis, Post-Traumatic Strain Disorder &amp Migraines, and more than 330 extra overall health circumstances featured on

Dr. Joseph Rosado, Chief Healthcare Officer – MarijuanaDoctors.Com &amp a certified marijuana medical professional in Florida, says the web-site is an invaluable supply of tough-to-locate information and facts: “People questioning irrespective of whether health-related cannabis could support them with symptoms from their circumstances, that haven’t responded to traditional health-related therapy, can count on They deliver the most substantial information and facts on health-related cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) &amp the normally-evolving laws on health-related cannabis. Most importantly, the web-site is a safe portal that permits individuals to confidentially seek the advice of with certified [cannabis] physicians in their authorized state, in individual or by telemedicine, when out there.”

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