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It appears like the CBD trend is not just hype, according to new study from Acosta.

In a report called “The CBD Impact: A Quickly Emerging Customer Trend,” advertising agency Acosta says 28% of buyers surveyed stated they at the moment use CBD merchandise every day or as-necessary. The report projects CBD solution sales to hit $20 billion by 2024.

“Health ailments without the need of a ‘one-size-fits-all treatment’ are fairly prevalent and avoiding chemical substances when it comes to wellness and self-care is essential across all age groups. CBD sales and projections show buyers are turning to CBD for support, and demand is expanding quickly,” stated Colin Stewart, senior vice president, enterprise intelligence at Acosta. “Consumer CBD sales are anticipated to attain $20 billion by 2024 — bigger than the existing annual sales of candy, gum and mints combined.”

Given that cannabidiol (CBD) was legalized by the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD merchandise have develop into 1 of the most significant trends in retail, with numerous buyers turning to CBD for support with a variety of wellness ailments and their basic nicely-becoming. Acosta’s report requires an in-depth appear at the existing state of the CBD market, highlighting:

Who Is Applying CBD Items and Why?

Twenty-eight % of buyers at the moment use CBD merchandise every day or as-necessary.
Millennials, males and these with 4-year degrees are at the moment the important CBD demographics. These who reported every day or as-necessary use of CBD involve:

  • 56% of Millennials
  • 32% of Gen X
  • 15% of Boomers
  • 48% of males
  • 49% of these with a bachelor’s degree

Discomfort, mental wellness and basic wellness are important factors for usage, with distinct wellness ailments varying from generation to generation. Millennials most typically use CBD for anxiousness (31%) and basic wellness (30%), even though Gen X and Boomers use CBD merchandise to support with joint discomfort (31% and 36%, respectively) and muscle discomfort (each 23%).

Customer Perceptions and Barriers

When asked for their point of view on CBD:

  • 55% of buyers stated, “CBD oil is/may well be a new miracle therapy.”
  • 35% stated, “I’m not certain what to assume of CBD oil.”
  • 11% stated, “CBD oil is just hype.”

Non-customers who are open to attempting CBD reported value (26%), lack of research (18%) and distrust in claims (14%) as the most significant barriers for usage.

CBD Currently Well-liked with Pet Owners

1 in 10 pet owners reported getting CBD merchandise for their pets. Of these buyers, 52% produced the acquire primarily based on a recommendation from their vet.
Prime factors for usage have been discomfort (29%), anxiousness (32%) and basic wellness (29%).

The best pet CBD merchandise involve treats/chews (48%), oil (27%), capsules (14%) and topical ointment (9%).

Acosta’s report was compiled employing market information and proprietary details sources like on the net surveys of the company’s proprietary shopper neighborhood. 

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