Adventures with Flowers: The Paint Sesh SoCal


Regardless of whether you choose THC Flowers or CBD Buds – joints, blunts, pipes or vapes I’m positive you know all also properly, it can challenging to discover entertaining activities that enable you to partake in a bit of blazing.

Fortunately, in this day and age (based on exactly where you reside), the demand for social activities exactly where 1 can smoke or vape a bit has spawned a new trend, the “Puff and whatever”. Now this can be Puff and Cooking – cooking classes that enable you to smoke whilst you perform on your culinary expertise, Puff and Karaoke, Puff and Pottery, and the list goes on.

But currently we’re searching a certain class, 1 that I personally attended, a Paint and Puff class in SoCal recognized as The Paint Sesh.

The Paint Sesh has classes all more than Southern California, with each ‘Paint n Puff’ and ‘Paint and Sip’ (wine) on give. Nonetheless, their cannabis friendly ‘Puff’ class, which is of distinct interest to us, requires location only in San Bernardino. In the interest of discretion, the precise place is only sent out by way of e-mail when a ticket is bought.

Upon arrival, my pal and I have been greeted by two regional artists who personal and operate the establishment, Chris and Chelz. The vibe there was precisely what I anticipated and hoped it would it be: a casual and comfy set up with California-themed ‘stoner music’ playing in the background, lengthy tables with all the needed art supplies, and of course, an ashtray at every single seat.

We have been amongst the initially ones there, so I chatted a bit with Chelz whilst waiting for everybody to arrive. I asked her how she got began in this niche. “We utilized to perform someplace else but definitely wanted to discover a a lot more relaxed and cannabis-friendly atmosphere exactly where we could be inventive,” explained Chelz. “It’s a cool location exactly where people today can come hang out, smoke, meet people today, and paint. We’re not bothering any one you know, just obtaining collectively and painting.”

the paint sesh
My creation from The Paint Sesh

As the class filled up, we all got settled in our seats and started to set up our stations. Men and women have been rolling joints and blunts, packing bowls, and obtaining concentrates prepared – of each THC and CBD flowers. As soon as instruction began, a pipe packed with some top rated-shelf buds began generating its way about the area.

The painting of the evening, titled Development, is a beautiful perform depicting an abstract human figure turning into a colorful tree of life. Chelz supplied quick to comply with, step-by-step guidelines and each her and Chris walked about the area periodically to assistance any one who necessary it.

Amongst the smoking and music, it was quick to just get lost in what I was carrying out and definitely delight in the approach of painting. Chelz not only taught us how to paint that certain piece, but she also gave us some beneficial guidelines and tactics that we can take residence with us, must any one ever want to ‘Paint and Puff’ on their personal time.

Right after two seemingly brief hours, our paintings have been total. I’ve personally by no means painted ahead of in my life so I followed the guidelines to a T. Nonetheless, really a couple of people today in the class got inventive and did their personal factor completely, so it was entertaining to see the variation in artwork at the finish of the class.

In brief, it was a blast and I would completely propose The Paint Sesh to any one who desires to get out of the residence and smoke a tiny at the exact same time. And as an added bonus, with Chelz’s beneficial guidelines, I ended up with a painting I was essentially proud of.

Friendly tip: This is a B.Y.O.C. occasion (Bring Your Personal Cannabis), so make positive you do not show up empty handed. And obtaining a couple further lighters with you by no means hurts. Love!

Disclaimer: Just like when attending an establishment that serves alcohol, if you consume cannabis, make positive to give oneself adequate time to sober up ahead of driving. If you ever really feel also intoxicated to drive, contact a pal, relative, or vehicle service for help.


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