Tired of smelly pot? Initial-ever ‘odourless cannabis’ announced


Tired of smelly cannabis? 1 corporation may well have a option for you.

Brampton, Ont.-primarily based CannabCo Pharmaceuticals announced Tuesday that it will launch an “odourless cannabis,” and claims that it is the initially ever to do so.

The corporation says in the statement that it will use a technologies named “PURECANN” to make the odourless cannabis, and has exclusive rights to use the technologies in its Canadian production.

PURECANN was initially created for the health-related industry to remove the harshness of smoking cannabis devoid of it losing its properties.

The finish outcome will be cannabis that will not only be practically odourless, but also much less harsh to smoke, which could be attractive to new customers who typically acquire coughing fits when initially attempting cannabis.

Information of how the technologies performs had been not supplied, but CannabCo CEO Mark Pellicane says that no third celebration items or devices are required on the user’s finish — it is just cannabis flower that does not smell.

Cannabis’ smell — like it or hate it?

Cannabis generally has a quite powerful smell that can travel quickly if not adequately stored. I for a single have opened my bag lots of occasions only to be hit with a dank odour from much less than a gram of cannabis.

Cannabis smell appears to generate a “love it or hate it” reaction from people today. Whilst some appreciate the subtle notes of the smell and use it to assist predict the nature of the strain, other individuals do not get pleasure from its pungency.

It will be exciting to see if this apparently odourless cannabis will impact its flavour or potency. According to Adolfo Gonzalez, a founder of cannabis sommelier course CannaReps, cannabis’ flavour and aroma are a single and the similar, and the smell is a great indication of the high quality of the cannabis.

Marketplace possible

Nonetheless, CannabCo most likely is targeting the cannabis smell haters, and predicts that there could be a wholesome industry of customers.

“In employing this technologies CannabCo will be capable to generate a wide selection of items presently not in the marketplace, addressing a essential industry segment that presently does not exist,” CannabCo COO Mark Novak stated in a statement.

“Imagine a person going outdoors for a break in the course of the day, possessing their afternoon cannabis and coming back devoid of any odour attached to their clothes or coat.” Pellicane stated.  “A lady can carry cannabis in her purse devoid of possessing the odour concentrated or leaking out in her handbag.

“A quantity of customers, and people today that are about cannabis smokers, complain about the smell specifically in enclosed regions, condos, and apartments, and this technologies addresses these issues.”

Cannabis does seem to be going in directions that are pushing the drug additional and additional away from its original flower providing. Quickly items such as cannabis-infused meals (edibles) and beverages (drinkables) will be legal in Canada in October and supply buyers methods of consuming cannabis that do not involve smoking or its conventional smell.

These items are anticipated to draw in up to $two.7 billion for Canada’s cannabis business, according to a June report from Deloitte.

CannabCo has received a Confirmation of Readiness notification from Wellness Canada for their pending cannabis licence and strategy to use the PURECANN technologies when licensed.


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