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Ocanna CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Ocanna CBD Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Mission & Quality Badges.

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Ocanna CBD: 60-Second Summary

Ocanna wants you to say hello to a healthier life. This confident brand proclaims themselves ‘America’s #1 Premium CBD Brand’ with quality expected options like CBD gummies, tinctures, and topicals. The brand exclusively uses full spectrum cannabidiol in their formulations, but they are late to the game by failing to post third-party test results for potency and safety. We like the company culture and mission, but we’re a bit irked by another unsubstantiated organic claim.


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Ocanna CBD Brand Review

Ocanna hails from Arizona, a state that’s followed known cannabis powerhouses like Colorado and California by becoming a hotbed for CBD vendors. Founders Brett and Josh are both conscious entrepreneurs who united their purposes to provide CBD as an effective alternative to prescriptions for people with health issues. Like many founders, they experienced the positive benefits of CBD oil firsthand, and the rest is history.

Ocanna seems to have a genuinely ethical and positive company culture, something we applaud. They earn quality points for their organically grown/harvested Colorado hemp and clean CO2 extraction method. However, they do not currently qualify for the Safety Badge, since there are no Certificates of Analysis to view. Ocanna claims to run independent tests on all their CBD products, but for now, those results are ‘coming soon’.

The Ocanna CBD catalog is relatively basic, featuring CBD gummies, CBD cream, tinctures, lip balm, and a bath bomb. All options include full spectrum cannabidiol complete with terpenes to support the entourage effect — synergistic results of multiple cannabinoids and terpenoids working together. Though the science is still in its infancy, proponents of the entourage effect argue that full spectrum CBD oil is more effective to support overall health due to this synergistic activity.

We have a couple of bones to pick with Ocanna. First up, they claim their full spectrum cannabidiol is certified organic. Tons of vendors claim to sell organic CBD oil, and many even claim certification. In reality, it’s extremely difficult to obtain USDA organic certification for a cannabidiol product; only a small handful of vendors have this certification. That doesn’t mean a company that sources organic hemp, has clean processes, and uses 100% organic ingredients isn’t at that same level. But honesty is important, and we see no evidence of organic certification here.

Plus, Ocanna only provides ingredients lists for their CBD gummies and lip balm. We shouldn’t have to take their word for it that their products are all-natural. We don’t even know what carrier oil is in the CBD tinctures!

A lack of comprehensive ingredients lists is an unfortunate trend right now in the space. Consumers deserve to know what’s in their product BEFORE they buy, especially since in this case, they’re specifically looking for something to boost their health, not undermine it. We highly suggest Ocanna disclose all their ingredients, stat.

Bottom Line – Ocanna seems to have a genuine team behind them and maybe even quality CBD oil, but before we buy, we’ll feel more comfortable if safety tests are posted and all ingredients disclosed.


Badges For Ocanna CBD

Quality Verified

Ocanna sources organically grown/harvested hemp from Colorado and utilizes CO2 extraction.

Ocanna CBD ReviewsMission Verified

Ocanna aims to produce the most effective full spectrum CBD products on the market to help people achieve optimal wellbeing.



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