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If you are hunting for a enterprise with an unwavering commitment to good quality, sustainability, and assisting their brand ambassadors establish prosperous companies of their personal, let us introduce you to Kannaway.

Founded in 2014, Kannaway is a CBD enterprise that is passionate about assisting their consumers each attain to their wellness targets and establish prosperous CBD companies of their personal.

In addition, Kannaway strives to lead the way in spreading awareness about the myriad of added benefits that come with the use of hemp-primarily based CBD. By means of their relentless mission to comprehend hemp’s numerous wondrous properties and their proprietary “Bibong” formulations, Kannaway is committed to developing and supplying the highest good quality goods that bring balance to the thoughts, physique, and soul.

Kannaway’s Firm Values

Kannaway’s mission may possibly be summed up in a handful of simple ideas.

 First, by way of their higher-good quality hemp-primarily based, CBD goods, they seek to market youthfulness, longevity, and all round wellness in their brand ambassadors and consumers.

Subsequent, Kannaway is passionate about sustainability. In addition to its numerous wellness added benefits, industrial hemp is a pretty hardy crop that yields two or 3 harvests each and every year, cleans up the soil about it, and has numerous broader applications above and beyond hemp primarily based CBD.

For instance, industrial hemp can be applied to make paper, clothes, renewable biofuel, and even building components.

Thirdly, Kannaway believes in empowering their consumers to develop prosperous companies of their personal. By becoming a Kannaway brand ambassador, consumers will have the chance to spread awareness of hemp’s numerous wellness added benefits although developing a thriving company and safe economic futures for themselves and their households.

Kannaway is also committed to empowering their brand ambassadors with the tools they will need to succeed. At the start off of any brand ambassador’s company, Kannaway functions with them to establish powerful company targets. Then, by way of a suite of company tools, Kannaway functions to enable their brand ambassadors attain these targets and attain economic good results.

Lastly, Kannaway is committed to providing back to the communities they serve by supporting ECHO—a charitable organization committed to assisting households in will need obtain access to cannabinoids.

By means of the principles of education, collaboration, and hope, ECHO is committed to fostering a secure and supportive neighborhood consisting of cannabinoid-friendly physicians and other CBD customers.

Guided by the heartfelt belief that every person has the correct to access the healing properties of CBD and other cannabinoids, ECHO delivers their members with a vast library of educational articles that address a variety of subjects of concern for the cannabinoid user. ECHO is also committed to supporting health-related analysis that seeks to comprehend the influence of cannabinoids on all elements of human wellness.

Most importantly, ECHO strives to bring hope to households and kids who really feel that the traditional health-related neighborhood has provided up on them. By means of their charitable help, ECHO assists households bridge the gap involving therapeutically-needed cannabinoids and economic will need.

Kannaway’s Dedication to High-quality

All of Kannaway’s goods are formulated with industrial hemp imported from northern Europe. In addition to containing significantly less than .three% THC, this hemp has been grown applying zero chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. What’s far more, it is non-GMO and includes no synthetic components.

As soon as the hemp is mature adequate to be extracted, Kannaway employs a proprietary extraction process to derive their hemp oil. The purpose of this extraction process is to yield a complete-spectrum “essential hemp complex” from hemp stalks. This complete-spectrum hemp oil includes an abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and a variety of other valuable phytochemicals.

Along with their complete-spectrum hemp complicated, Kannaway’s formulations also include their proprietary Bibong® formulations. 

Passed down from generation to generation, a Bibong® formula is an exclusive blend of herbs with extraordinary healing properties. As soon as reserved only for the aristocratic households of eastern Asia, Kannaway has incorporated these Bibong® formulations into each and every of their goods.

The essential to these healing formulations lies not in the person herbs but in the way they’ve been extracted and synergistically blended collectively for maximum impact. As soon as ingested, these herbs operate collectively to bring balance to the body’s “qi”, or “life energy”.

In standard Chinese medicine, qi, or chi as it is often spelled, is the power which tends to make human life feasible. Flowing by way of the physique by implies of meridians, this qi is then housed in organs like the liver and spleen.

If one’s qi is blocked—whether by anxiety, toxines, or poor diet—the individual will inevitably knowledge discomfort, illness, or imbalances. By contrast, if someone’s qi is permitted to flow freely and in a balanced manner, optimal wellness is accomplished.

As a result, Kannaway has combined a number of herbs to enable qi flow far more naturally in the physique. These herbs include things like:

  • Japanese catnip
  • Schisandra fruit
  • Licorice root
  • Cinnamomum camphora necessary oil
  • Burdock root
  • Ginger root
  • Cornus fruit
  • Aucklandia root
  • Green tea
  • Korean ginseng and numerous other folks

You can study the complete list right here.

Third-Celebration Lab Tests Outcomes

In maintaining with their commitment to transparency, Kannaway tends to make all its third-celebration lab test outcomes obtainable right here.

In addition, Kannaway’s goods undergo a rigorous triple-lab testing course of action to make certain their goods are secure. Initially, their hemp oil is lab-tested right after it is extracted from the plant material.

Subsequent, the oil is tested by a lab with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation as soon as the hemp oil arrives in the United States. Lastly, Kannaway’s goods are tested once more as soon as the formulation is full.

What Are Other Clients Saying About Kannaway?

All round, Kannaway’s consumers appear to have terrific items to say about their goods.

Loren Borgese states that Kannaway’s capsules helped alleviate symptoms brought on by her psoriasis. Following taking the capsules for two days, her skin started to strengthen, and right after two weeks, her skin was nearly entirely clear.

Mainly because the standard drugs Loren requires for her psoriasis are pretty powerful, she has been gradually weaning herself off them right after her knowledge with CBD. To her, these capsules have been nothing at all brief of a miracle.

Laura Valentine states that the Rev!ve AM and Rev!ve PM formulations have helped to normalize her sleep schedule. What’s far more, the CBD salve has helped to alleviate a lot of the aches and pains in her physique. Final, but not least, the Pure line of goods has alleviated nearly all of Laura’s anxiousness.

Laura is incredibly grateful for Kannaway’s goods and for all they contribute to the Earth.

A further buyer, Michelle Strickland, states that Kannaway’s goods have been instrumental to her wellness. Following a pal of hers gave her a sample of the salve, Michelle rubbed it into her shoulders and located it relieved her shoulder discomfort correct away.

Upon experiencing the relief from the salve, Michelle then attempted Kannaway’s Pure oil. In addition to relieving her chronic discomfort, the Pure oil has also decreased her anxiousness, helped encourage weight loss, enabled her to stroll down the stairs devoid of discomfort, and has helped her sleep greater at evening.

Shipping and Returns Policy

Kannaway’s returns and refunds policy may possibly be located right here, but for complete terms, consumers may possibly want to refer to Kannaway’s “Policies and Procedures” web page.

Kannaway provides a 30-day assure to all retail consumers. Having said that, all requests to return goods ought to be created inside 30 days of obtain.

In addition, returns can only be created on any item that either:

  • Is unopened and aspect of your initial order
  • Is new, unopened, and aspect of a very first-time order

Any other returns created by a retail buyer will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Having said that, all returned goods ought to be unopened, new, and in resalable situation. In addition, each item shipped back to Kannaway ought to be packaged in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

To start off the returns course of action, please be positive to do the following:

  1. Send an e mail to [email protected]
  2. Make a note of each your return merchandise authorization quantity (RMA) and the shipping address.
  3. Meticulously inspect your things to make certain they are unopened, new, in the manufacturer’s original box, and in resalable situation.
  4. Incorporate a copy of your invoice.
  5. Be positive your invoice references the RMA and mentions why you are returning the item.
  6. Ultimately, ship your goods to Kannaway by means of either UPS or FedEx.

If your things qualify for a refund, Kannaway will problem a refund for the complete value of the original things inside 30 days of getting your return. Having said that, the refund does not include things like shipping fees.

If you come across your things are defective or broken, Kannaway will replace them at no added charge.

Kannaway’s Item Catalog

At the moment, Kannaway provides the following item lines.

  • Kannaway Pets consists of pet chews, hemp oil, and hemp-primarily based chew toys
  • Rev!ve consists of their AM, PM, and Revive Pro formulations
  • Defined consists of Kannaway’s hemp oil-primarily based cleanser, toner, and Day &amp Evening Serum
  • HempVAP provides a 100-milligram hemp-primarily based vape additive

In addition to the item lines above, Kannaway also provides CBD-infused gum, coffee, and rooibos tea. Kannaway’s complete list of goods can be located right here.

Our Verdict

All round, Kannaway’s internet site was organized and effortless to navigate. Their comprehensive item lines and revolutionary CBD-infused rooibos tea, gum, and coffee offers their consumers nonetheless far more techniques of incorporating hemp-primarily based CBD into their diets.

For consumers who are interested in maintaining up with the most up-to-date on Kannaway, their weblog is routinely updated, and their Facebook web page is pretty active. There, consumers can maintain up with Kannaway’s most up-to-date promotions, item offerings, and behind-the-scenes videos.

So, all in all, if you are hunting for a enterprise that is really committed to good quality, charity, sustainability, and excellence, we very propose Kannaway.

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