16SrIX Hemp Phytoplasma Witches&#39 Broom Illness, 2014

Chaube, S., Kumar, S., Dubey, D., Tiwari, A. K., Upadhyaya, P. P., &amp Rao, G. P. (2014). Identification of a novel phytoplasma (16Sr XIV-A subgroup) related with small leaf and witches’ broom of Cannabis sativa L. ssp. sativa and C. sativa L. ssp. indica in India. Phytoparasitica, 43(two), 275–279. doi:10.1007/s12600-014-0438-x

X. Feng, M. Kyotani, S. Dubrovsky, A.-L. Fabritius, “First Report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma
trifolii’ Related with a Witches’ Broom Illness in Cannabis sativa in Nevada, U.S.A.”,

Zhao Y, Sun Q, Davis RE, Lee I, Liu Q, 2007. 1st report of witches’-broom illness in
a Cannabis species and its association with a phytoplasma of Elm yellows group (16SrV).
Plant Illness 91, 227.

S. Hong and R. C. Clarke. J. Int. Hemp Assoc. three:55, 1996. (two) I. M. Lee et al. Int. J.
Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 54:337, 2004. (three) Q. Liu et al. Plant Dis. 88:770, 2004. (four) Q. Liu et al.
Plant Dis. 89:529, 2005.

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