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Are the products at CBDfx.com safe? Your safety is our top priority at CBDfx, and here’s what we’re doing to make sure you can trust your favorite CBDfx products.

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might be concerned about whether vaping-related illnesses are on the rise. At present, there is still no scientific consensus regarding the cause (or causes) of the recent spate of vaping-related deaths and injuries, but it appears that black market, ‘bootleg’ cannabis vaping products are largely to blame. Additionally, the State of New York has identified one common ingredient in all the cases so far: Vitamin E acetate — a cheap emulsifier that CBDfx has not ever, and will not ever use.

Creating a safe vape product is a work of art. At every stage in the process, you have to second guess yourself, check your work, and make sure you got it right. Working in CGMP-compliant facilities is a must, and using the best materials on the market is all-important.

In everything we do here at CBDfx, your safety is our topmost priority. While it’s too soon to say exactly what’s causing these vaping-related illnesses, it’s certainly true that quality is incredibly important in the vaping industry. You’re putting your health into someone else’s hands when you use any product that is ingested by, or makes contact with your body — and we want to show you that you’re in good hands when you choose CBDfx as your source of all things CBD.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top 10 reasons you should trust CBDfx as the finest purveyor of CBD products on the planet. Check out our CBD vaping FAQ at the end for even more answers to your top questions, and whatever you do, just remember: Don’t buy vape cartridges out of someone’s trunk! This might sound ridiculous, but believe it or not, that’s actually how some people are purchasing their vape cartridges in some parts of the country.

Is Your CBD Safe?

Is the CBD in your vape cartridge safe? The short answer is, it depends where you’re getting it. Reputable brands’ products are exceedingly safe, but if you don’t take care to choose your supplier carefully, you might be using an impure product. Therefore, there’s no definitive answer to this question due to the vast number of different brands and products out there, and the varying degrees of care they put into their product quality. Generally, however, CBD in itself appears to have a very minimal side effect profile, and it does not appear to display the potentially addictive qualities that are associated with THC.

Generally, the cultural position on cannabis is shifting, which is allowing the public to embrace the evidence suggesting that CBD may be a positive daily addition to peoples’ lifestyle. At the same time, however, it’s important to remember that “CBD” isn’t the same across the board. These three simple letters can refer to the pure cannabidiol molecule in the products you get at CBDfx, or they can refer to a homemade vape juice bottle you just bought out of someone’s trunk. In those two scenarios, the actual “CBD” you’re purchasing is wildly different.

The safety of CBD depends on the way it was prepared and the type of product in which it is included. CBD extracted from healthy, organically-grown hemp plants with solvent-free CO2 in a CGMP facility, for instance, is very different than CBD extracted with butane in the back room of a strip mall office somewhere off a rural state highway. See the difference? One is controlled and pure, and the other is potentially putting you in harm’s way. 

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

Is it dangerous to vape CBD? According to Politico, the FDA deferred ruling on vape products until 2022, which means that there are nearly three full years before the market experiences its first serious bout of regulatory scrutiny. In the meantime, initial evidence has shown that CBD is safe to use, and it’s legal to buy and sell (reputable) CBD products for this reason.

In the interim, consumers are left in a confusing situation. Viral news stories scream about the dangers of vaping without providing very much substantive information; and some people aren’t sure whether the random vape juice you can get on the street is any better than the high-end CBD vape juice you buy online. We’ll explain the safety differences between popular types of vape products as we proceed, but just bear in mind that it’s easy to make bad vape products… on the other hand, it’s a rare few who can make CBD vape products with true artisanal quality and purity.

1. We Only Sell Lab-Tested CBD Oil

Here at CBDfx.com, we have the best lab-tested CBD oil for sale you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Whether you want to see CBD lab results to make sure your CBD products are free of contaminants, or you want to confirm that your favorite CBDfx offering really contains the amount of CBD we say it does: the lab results listed on every product page at CBDfx.com will be your friend throughout your shopping experience.

Accountability is everything in the world of customer relations, and since new industries don’t usually benefit from the established oversight of regulatory agencies like the FDA, companies in emerging sectors need to provide their customers with reassurance in other ways. Whether it’s vape technology or ingredient information, transparency is the key to building effective relationships; and for consumers, access to abundant product information is the best tool at your disposal as you make purchasing decisions.

Providing lab testing information is our way of promoting transparency, and you’ll also note that our ingredients list is incredibly simple. Some CBD companies think they can get away with adding fillers and thickeners to their vape products to pad their margins, but here at CBDfx, it’s easy to see that we’re offering the genuine article. When you only have four ingredients in your vape products, there isn’t much you can hide.

2. CBDfx Vape Products Contain No Vitamin E Acetate

Researchers and journalists are becoming suspicious that a substance with a seemingly harmless name might be behind the recent spate of vaping deaths. According to a recent Washington Post piece, it’s possible that the presence of vitamin E acetate may be the missing link explaining why people are suddenly dying from e-cigarette use. In fact, the State of New York has announced that they’ve zeroed in on this ingredient as the culprit for the recent spike in vape health issues.

Vitamin E acetate is an example of a cheap emulsifier that has no place in reputable vape juice. According to the Post piece, however, “New York state’s lab obtained samples of thickeners from three companies and determined they are “nearly pure” vitamin E acetate.”

If inhaled in vapor form, vitamin E acetate could cause serious lung damage. Please rest assured that CBDfx products do not and will never contain vitamin E acetate, any other vitamin E derivative, or any substance whatsoever besides PG, VG, CBD, and natural flavoring. If it’s true that vitamin E acetate is the cause of the recent vaping injuries, then you have nothing to fear when you use lab-tested CBDfx vape products.

3. CBDfx Vape Products Contain No THC

CBDfx vape products contain no detectable levels of THC. It’s unclear whether the presence of the THC molecule itself has anything to do with the recent spate of vaping-related accidents, but removing this intoxicating cannabinoid from the equation is always the right move when you want to stay in compliance with federal and state laws.

Public opinion around America is changing regarding cannabis, but at present, many forms of this plant are considered to be Schedule I illegal drugs. Therefore, it’s best for CBD and THC to stay clearly separated at this point, and companies that commit to reducing their THC concentrations to untestable levels are doing their part to streamline the evolving conversation surrounding CBD law and U.S. cannabis law in general.

4. CBDfx Vape Products Don’t Contain Any Fillers Whatsoever

No matter what it is, we don’t want it in our vape juice formulas unless it’s PG, VG, CBD, or natural flavors. With all the effort we’ve put into protecting our customers, we simply can’t believe all the junk that black-market vape merchants are putting into e-juice these days — but rest assured that we want none of it here at CBDfx.

When it comes to vape juice, there’s no reason to mess with a good thing. Time and again, PG and VG have been shown to be the best combo when it comes to e-juice blending; and beyond that, all you need is something to add to the unique taste profile of CBD. Natural flavors are more than up to the task, so there’s no need to add any artificial ingredients. There’s absolutely no reason to add artificial sweeteners, colorings, or other substances to vape juice that don’t serve any functional purpose.

What you really need to look out for, however, are fillers. PG and VG aren’t expensive, but they aren’t cheap either — and in the minds of some unethical producers, as long as it vapes, it’s just fine. This mindset has led to the contamination of some brands’ vape juice supply with untested substances that are only included due to their low cost. If you’re a black market vape juice dealer, why pay extra for PG and VG when you can just get your hands on a cheap emulsifier, with no concern for what it might do to your customer?

There’s a simple formula here at CBDfx, and we stick to it: PG, VG, CO2-extracted CBD, natural flavorings. That’s it, and that’s all there needs to be.

5. CBDfx Vape Pens Are Made with High-Quality Materials

The current focus is on pulmonary distress caused by vape juice, but up until recently, stories of faulty vape pens causing injury were more common to make it to the day’s top headlines. Once again, these issues can be traced back to shady manufacturers and disreputable brands trying to cut corners in an attempt to increase their profit margin… with no regard for what happens to you, the user.

While the news stories on the topic of bad vape pens might not give you detailed information, there are actually two simple explanations for these occurrences: shoddy materials and lack of customer education. Vaping technology has improved a lot recently, but there are still lots of manufacturers in China and elsewhere that produce sub-par vape equipment and sell it on unregulated websites for rock-bottom prices.

Most vape technologies should shut off automatically or be able to handle their heat another way. If a vape pen explodes, the culprit is almost always unreasonable overuse over a short period of time or technology that doesn’t automatically disengage.

Producing CBD vape products with proper design safety and educating customers about the potential dangers of a vape pen overheating is all that’s required to promote safety and enjoyment when vaping CBD. Here at CBDfx, we make a point of selecting the finest vape materials and technologies wherever they might be made around the world. Even so, we’re still able to provide you with low prices because we’ve avoided the lawsuits and damaged brand reputation that inevitably follow when you produce sub-par or dangerous products.

6. CBDfx Products Are Manufactured in a State-of-the-Art Facility

The best materials in the world are no good if you have no place to use them. Here at CBDfx, we’re proud of the next-generation production facility that has fueled our brand’s reach for the stars. Our production team is the most talented in the industry, and our production floor procedures uphold the highest safety standards to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our dedication to excellence has given rise to one of the most iconic CBD brands in the history of the industry, and we put the CBDfx reputation at stake with every product we produce. From our state-of-the-art machinery to our holistic production practices, we pour our hearts and souls into every vape product we box, and from there, we provide the most reliable fulfillment policies in the world to get your products to you wherever you might be.

From our CO2 extraction of American-grown hemp to our two-stage testing process to ensure that no contaminants are present, we make sure that no heavy metals or industrial solvents find their way into your CBDfx products. From there, we take our proprietary CBD blend and formulate it into one of our top-tier CBD product formulations. At every stage of the process, we follow proper hygiene and efficiency protocols, and we have embraced automation as much as possible while still employing a close-knit family of dedicated production specialists who keep the CBDfx dream alive with their tireless contributions day-in and day-out.

At this stage in the evolution of the CBD industry, the quality of the products you can make is directly related to the amount of capital you have available to invest in production facilities and equipment. Since we’re one of the largest CBD brands in the country, we have the financial ability to invest in production infrastructure that is on par with (or even surpassing) the quality of some of the world’s top nutriceutical production facilities. You aren’t getting something made in some guy’s basement when you shop with CBDfx⁠—you’re getting the best. 

7. No CBDfx Products Have Been Labeled as Dangerous

As the ongoing vaping injury cases continue to unfold, we’ve watched this story carefully for any indication that our brand’s products could be hazardous. We’ve selected our materials with care, and we use the safest methods available, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t sensitive to the latest news developments. We are always concerned for our customers’ well-being, and we want to make sure we’re never putting them in harm’s way.

To date, however, there has been no indication that any CBDfx products have failed in their intended purpose to provide a safe and enjoyable CBD vaping experience. On the contrary, we have received zero customer complaints about our vape pens or vape juices being dangerous, and CBDfx has not been mentioned in any way as one of the culprits behind this epidemic. The blame appears to, in fact, fall on the dealers of black market e-cigarettes and homemade THC vape products.

Like CBD, vaping is a relatively new industry, and there are certainly some kinks to work out. Just because some poorly-made vape products are malfunctioning, however, doesn’t mean that all vape products are harmful. As a matter of fact, none of the articles we could find made any mention of CBD vape products, in general, causing any of the recent vaping injuries.

8. You Have Accountability When You Shop with CBDfx

We don’t mean to brag, but CBDfx is one of the biggest privately owned CBD companies in the world. We’re a major brand, which means that we stand out in a crowd, and it’s easy to find us if we make any mistakes. That’s part of why we work so hard (and spend the necessary capital) to make our products as safe as possible; your safety is our top priority, but our livelihoods are also on the line of the CBDfx name ever becomes tarnished by unwise associations with bad products or unsavory ingredients. We will make sure that never, ever happens.

9. CBDfx Customer Service Is Always Standing By

When you buy a bootleg vape product you found on Craigslist, chances are you’ll never see the guy who sold it to you again, and there’s no website to visit or customer support number to call. When you shop with CBDfx from the convenience of your computer or mobile device, however, you gain access to a skilled customer service team that can provide you with product education and order assistance.

Whether you don’t know which product to buy or you need help figuring out how to use your new Blue Raspberry CBDfx vape juice, you have a treasure trove of CBD information at your fingertips when you choose to work with our brand. In addition to our customer support staff, remember that we have a huge CBD educational materials section and a CBD news hub that is constantly being updated with articles like this one. Whenever you want to know more about CBD or the latest in the black market vaping crisis, turn to CBDfx.com for more information.

10. Many Vaping Injuries Are Caused by User Error

For every incident in which a vaping accident was caused by a faulty product, there’s another that was caused by a vaping enthusiast using a product the wrong way. Whether it’s stooping to using black-market THC vape juice or holding that battery activation button for way too long, customer education goes a long way toward preventing vaping-related accidents.

Here at CBDfx, we provide detailed instructions on how to use each of our vaping products. Plus, each of our vaping hardware technologies has built-in safeguards to prevent overheating. Our disposable vape pens only activate upon inhalation, and design elements prevent the accidental activation of our CBD Vape Kit. Don’t use bootleg or street vaping products that don’t have any educational materials; rely on CBDfx for all the product education you need instead.

10 Reasons CBDfx Products Are Safe

CBDfx Vaping Safety FAQ

Here are a few answers to commonly-asked CBD safety questions:

1. What is PG/VG?

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the only two vape juice base ingredients that are are generally considered to be safe. PG and VG have different properties; while PG vaporizes easily and is relatively harsh, VG is smooth and produces a thick, cloudy vapor. The amount of PG compared to the amount of VG in a vape juice product is called the “PG/VG ratio,” and some experienced vapers have a certain preferred ratio to get their ideal “hit” or feeling of vaping.

While some vape products might contain MCT oil, this ingredient isn’t generally considered to be safe for vaping purposes, and any other additives aside from natural flavoring may be harmful. Always be careful to note exactly what has gone into the making of your vape products.

2. Is CBD oil dangerous?

There is no data suggesting that CBD is inherently dangerous. CBD is a natural cannabinoid, and even THC, CBD’s more well-known cousin, only has mild to moderate side effects. CBD’s side effects are firmly in the “mild” camp, but this cannabinoid has been known to interact with certain prescription medications. Always consult with your doctor before you try a new substance.

3. What is the best CBD vape pen?

It’s time to stop buying bootleg and street cannabis and e-cigarette products. These products simply aren’t safe, and they don’t hold a candle to the regulation-compliant, high-quality products we make in our state-of-the-art facility. In a sea of knock-offs and wannabes, CBDfx vape pens and vape juices are the real deal, and you can count on our brand to back you up as you experience the wonders of vaping CBD for yourself. Whether you love our CBD Terpenes vape juice the best or our original mint-flavored CBD vape pen is right for you, #FeelTheDifference with CBDfx and enjoy our high-quality CBD vape products.


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