Watermelon Mocktail with CBD Ice Cubes


Ice cubes are possessing a moment. Take a single scroll by way of @discocubes Instagram account, and you will see what we imply. 

No longer are they just a tool to preserve our drinks cool whilst steadily diluting them (their a single downfall), they can be just as critical as the beverage you are plopping them into. 

With summer time in complete swing, we really like the ritual of pouring ourselves a thing scrumptious and refreshing at the finish of the day, but do not generally really like the side effects that come with a glass of wine, or classic cocktail. Enter the CBD Mocktail – our go-to summer time libation. 

To spice up our typical CBD mocktail routine, we decided to place the CBD appropriate into the ice cubes themselves. So as they melt, all that CBD goodness is gradually becoming released into your drink. 

We utilized summer’s most refreshing fruit, watermelon, for this recipe, alongside some fresh lime juice and mint. Salivating however? 

Watermelon Mocktail with CBD-infused Ice Cubes 

Yields about four servings


  • 1 seedless watermelon 
  • two-three fresh limes
  • A couple of sprigs of fresh mint (optional) 
  • Seltzer water (optional) 
  • Rosebud CBD 
  • Ice cube mold

To make the cubes: 

  1. Slice about ⅓ of your watermelon into cubes. 
  2. Add watermelon cubes, and some Rosebud CBD into a blender. The dose is entirely up to you. Due to the fact this recipe yields about four servings, we added two complete droppers of the 350 mg bottle for about 12 mg of CBD per serving. Blend the cubes and CBD till liquid-y. 
  3. Pour watermelon and CBD mixture into your ice cube tray, topping cubes with fresh mint leaves (optional). Freeze till strong. 

To make the mocktail: 

  1. Reduce the remaining section of watermelon into cubes and add to a blender or meals processor – you may perhaps have to do this portion in batches based on the size of your blender. 
  2. Blend till liquid-y, and pour the mixture by way of a mesh colander or by way of a cheesecloth to separate the watermelon pulp from the juice. Repeat this till all of the watermelon is blended. 
  3. Squeeze two-three fresh limes into your juice, based on how tart you like your mocktail. 
  4. Add frozen watermelon and CBD cubes to a glass, and best with your watermelon juice, and a splash of seltzer (optional) to reduce the sweetness. 



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