TORONTO, July three, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hansen Packaging presents a trail-blazing sustainable path forward for the cannabis sector: a jar that is Created in Canada, Naturally™.

Hansen has created a complete item line of jars for the cannabis sector with a compelling mixture of positive aspects, which includes: a drastic reduction in the quantity of material utilized in producing the jars, the use of renewable sources, and an environmentally accountable finish-of-life disposal.

Wherever cannabis has been legalized (Canada, California, Colorado, and so forth.) customers have taken instant notice of what quite a few claim to be “excessive packaging”. In order to comply with the laws governing the packaging of cannabis, producers generally pack their solutions into plastic containers, some of which are only developed to be utilized as soon as and then discarded. Shoppers have been outspoken in calling for a reduction in plastic, with a extra accountable finish-of-life for the packaging, and a extra sustainable supply for the raw components.

Offered now at compostablejars.com, these “Made in Canada, Naturally™” jars are a response to the present worldwide push to remove landfill-destined plastics in packaging. Some of the compelling causes to adopt these new, sustainable packaging options are:

  • The packaging is considerably lighter.  The three.5g Flower Jar weighs 12g and the lid weighs 6g – this is 18g total.  The incumbent jars at the moment utilized along with the lids weigh 74 grams.  This is a savings of more than 1.two million pounds of plastic for just about every 10 million jars – just for the 1 SKU! This straight translates to greenhouse gas savings.
  • Waste streams of the hemp plant are utilized. The black colour is from USDA certified “99% new carbon” employing waste streams of the hemp plant – a initial in the planet.
  • The bio-composite resin utilized is produced from renewable sources that have a zero-carbon footprint.  Use of non-renewable fossil fuels is hence minimized – contributing to reduction in GHGs.
  • Meals make contact with and BPI certified resins are utilized to mold the jars. The resins utilized to mold these jars are meals make contact with certified (DinCertco 8C084 and ASTM D6866)

Competitive Green Technologies (CGTech) has BPI (Biodegradable Solutions Institute) certified resins that are deemed compostable in industrial composting facilities when utilized as elements in a item that also requirements to go by way of the certification course of action.

These bio-composite resins are produced from renewable sources which includes hemp.  The guiding philosophy of the business is to use, as a lot as probable, agricultural residues that are non-meals and non-forest primarily based renewable organic sources. This facilitates the circular economy to becoming a actual, sustainable option – from land to a Brand and then back once again to land. The continuing investigation and commercialization at CGTech will make sure that improvements in functionality continue to be produced for the cannabis jars.

Please check out their web-site for extra info: http://www.competitivegreentechnologies.com/

Each the resins and jars themselves are Created in Canada, Naturally™.

Extra info, samples, and competitive pricing are readily available at: https://compostablejars.com

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