Have You Tried Cannasutra?


Have You Tried Cannasutra?

There are many things people enjoy in this life, and in some cases, when combining the things, we love to do into a singular experience, can elevate the experience. This is truly the case with cannabis and sex. These days, with so many different product presentations and viable options in the marketplace.

Today is all about Sex and Cannabis. About things to try in the bedroom with your partner and to enjoy each other in a deeper, more spiritual experience.  We will talk a bit about the cannabis strain Cannasutra, however, first lets break down the synergy between Stoning and Boning.


When Kama Sutra meets Cannabis

Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text on philosophy, love and sex. It’s about finding power in a union. To keep things fresh and exciting, to fulfill the needs of one’s partner and yourself. If you’ve never read the text, I highly recommend it for those in a committed relationship trying to spice things up.

A great deal about Kama Sutra relates to the surrender of the moment, to become “one” with your partner and engage in a physical/spiritual dance between two entities.

Cannabis induces a state of euphoria. It lowers some of your ego-defenses and allows you to engage more earnestly with virtually anything you are doing. When combining the philosophy (and sexual positions of Kama Sutra) with the self-reflective, dopamine-inducing effects of cannabis…you get spectacular results.

There are many ways you can incorporate cannabis into your ‘love making’. In the next section, I’m going to be talking about a few things you can do to help elevate your sexual experience using marijuana.


Cannabis-Infused Oils

The obvious first approach to elevating your sexual experience with cannabis is using cannabis infused oils. If you are not living in a place that offers a legal avenue to purchasing these kinds of products, making your own Canna-Sex Oil isn’t difficult. I’ll provide you a quick recipe after we talk about application.

One of the best ways to use these oils is through sensual massaging. In other words, both partners take turns to give each other massages. Go full body. Start at the back, work your way up to the head and then down the legs. Then do the same on the flip side. Obviously, completely in the nude.

Once there is THC infused oil all over your bodies, let nature run its course. Considering that the skin has plenty of cannabinoid receptors, you’ll quickly feel a deeper sense of connectivity, relaxation and a heightened sense of pleasure.

Now, onto making the oil.

  1. Decarb roughly 5 grams of weed
  2. Get some organic coconut oil
  3. Heat up the oil and then throw in the decarbed weed
  4. Boil it for about 20 minutes
  5. Strain the oil through some cheesecloth. Make sure to squeeze out every drop.
  6. Put that in a jar.

It’s that simple. You could also add in other things like eucalyptus, rose oils and other aphrodisiacs into the mix to create your own blend.


Joint Pre-Bone

Lotions too much work? A quick bowl or joint roughly 20 minutes before having sex will also have an effect. Depending on the potency of the weed, you could feel the effects immediately, or within the first 15-20 minutes after smoking.

Simply roll a big phatty, and smoke with your partner. Set the mood. Think sexy things. One might think that you’d reach ecstasy quicker under the effects of cannabis, however in my personal experience, it elongates the act.

You are more in tune with your partner and become physically more aware of your interactions. The goal of great sex is when both partners try to produce the most amount of pleasure in each other.


Edible Lovings

Finally, we go for one of the deepest cannasutra experiences you can have. The “Edible Loving” approach simply means that both you and your partner consume some edibles roughly an hour before having sex.

Be sure to pace yourself. You don’t want to over-indulge in this category. Too many brownies, and you both could be lying flat on your backs without the energy to even “get it up”. If the brownie is not potent enough, you won’t experience the full Cannasutra experience.

I’d recommend playing around with potencies until you find the “sweet spot” in terms of strength and strain. Needless to say, when both partners feel the heavy effects of cannabis pumping through their bodies, having sex simply becomes something else.

It’s not like psychedelic sex (which is a whole different thing altogether), however it’s a shimmer of that experience. It’s easier to get “lost in the other person’s body”, to connect on a deeper spiritual level. And once you reach completion, it’s simply a lot more intense and long lasting that without it.

Cannabis and Sex is a perfect combination. If you’ve never tried it, hopefully this article incepted some ideas into that perverted little head of yours.

Oh, Cannasutra the strain is an indica dominant strain, and it seems that Indica strains go best with having sex…because of the body high.








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